Friday, January 22, 2010

Have you seen these felt heart wreaths from Amy at the Idea Room?  Yeah, me too.  A couple of friends and I were going to get together and make them but we waited too long to get to Joann's and the heart wreaths were all gone.  No big deal we decided to make circle wreaths instead, then we could use them for other holidays.  Then I started cutting out circles to get a head start.  I quickly realized that there was NO way we would be able to cut out as many circles as we needed and even start on these things in one morning.  So we decided to go for squares.  Cutting goes a lot faster when you can use a rotary cutter!

 Here's how it turned out.  Its super cute! I put it on Ivy's shelf in her room.  Our house has seemed so bare without the Christmas decorations and her shelf needed something- and its a little thick to put on a wreath hanger.

This is it close up.  It has more of a flower or petal effect then the circles.  But I also had all of those circles cut out and didn't want them to go to waste. 

I didn't have another styrofoam wreath so I took this wreath I had gotten at Goodwill and wrapped it with twine.

That gave me something to put the pins in to.  I then proceeded to fold all my circles and pin them in.  (You can check out the tutorial at the Idea Room for a visual).

It gets more of a ruffled look. Just for the record I like the circles/ruffly look better but I HATED cutting them out.  I hung it on a mirror with a strip of black polka dot fabric.

I don't have much in the way of Valentine's decoration I'm just not a huge fan but I picked up some black and white papers to redo these letters with.  And thats about it for V-day decor.  I've got a few ideas I just need to do them!


  1. Love the wreath and LOVING your scarves. I may try my hand at one of them...

  2. Your wreaths turned out cute. I just finished mine last night. Thanks for the tip on where to find them. A like the way the circle wreaths turned out.


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