Monday, October 18, 2010

ROAR! {kind of a tutorial}

 Last week when I was picking up some ink for my printer I found a sweatshirt for Ivy.  Just a plain black one, nothing fancy but I knew I could fix that. 

I actually started out just wanting to add this giant ric rac to the hood.  You know, just a touch of color.  But I kept thinking how it kind of looked like dinosaur teeth.  We play a lot of dinosaurs around here so I guess it was just on my brain.  I'm not much of a sketch artist so I googled dinosaur silhouettes and found an AWESOME and perfect applique download.

I used that same grey shirt from Ivy's new pants, and some slinky pink polka dot pajama pants for the "longneck" as Ivy calls it.  I also used a stained white shirt and freehanded a pow bubble  {I'm not sure what its called but that sounds good!}to give it a bit more substance.  I applied wonder under to all three pieces then ironed them on to the back of the sweatshirt.  I then stitched around each piece to keep it in place.

 Now the front needed some work.  And since Ivy always needs a tissue, and a place to keep a tissue when we are outside, I decided to add some pockets. Here's where your mini tutorial happens so grab some scraps and lets make some pockets!

First I took a piece of paper and placed a corner where I wanted my pocket to be.  Draw out the size that you want and then cut out your pattern adding at least 1/4 inch for seam allowances.

Take your outer fabric and your lining and fold it WRONG sides together.  Then cut out your pattern from each.  This way you get one for each side of your zipper. 
Place the corresponding lining and main fabric pockets RIGHT sides together, pin,  and stitch around the pocket using a 1/4 inch seam allowance and the top open for turning.  Clip your curves and corners. 

Now turn your pocket right side out and press.  Fold in the top that you left open for turning and pin.  You will sew this shut when you sew the pocket on your sweatshirt.

Next up pin your pockets in to place on your sweatshirt.  Oh wait!  Before I stitched my pockets in place I added just a bit more embellishment.  

That qpplique download also has a smaller knee patch dinosaur that I thought would be cute peeking out of one of the pockets.   I cut out another smaller pow bubble and a small dinosaur. I unpinned part of the pocket and placed them where I wanted them, and appliqued in place. 

Finally I stitched my pockets on.  Start at the top of your eh, swoop and go across the top, down next to the zipper and then across the bottom.  DON"T stitch your swoop because then you won't be able to actually use your pocket! Make sure and backstitch really well at the beginning and the end for reinforcement.  

Whew, just about done.  I pulled out some teal embroidery floss to tie in the ric rac on the hood.  Using my disappearing ink pen I wrote ROAR on my small pow bubble then stitched over it.  I also stitched around the big pow bubble on the back to give it a bit more definition.  And finally added three little buttons to my other pocket.  

Now for the fun part!  

Showing Ivy her new dinosaur sweatshirt!

She hearts it!  




  1. shes good to go on that bike???? dang gina.
    also cute sweatshirt. love that last pic.

  2. cutest thing ever! Love how it totally fits Ivy's personality!


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