Thursday, March 10, 2011

{Project: Craft}

Are you coming?  If you missed out last time, I hope you can come this time.  I'll be opening the doors of Greenies once again to let Lindsay + Danyelle throw us another party.  If you aren't feeling crafty enough, just think of it as...Project: fab evening full of handmade goodness, sweet company and an opportunity to make new friends. Plus, just maybe it could be the perfect opportunity to learn something new.  I'm really looking forward to seeing you there.

{So hurry over and buy your tickets HERE!}


  1. i really am so grateful that you let us use your Greenie-space. i honestly don't think PROJECT:craft belongs anywhere else. thanks for posting this! hopefully we'll recruit some more party friends. PROJECT: fab - it is!
    Love, Lindsay

  2. i. wish.

    really. really. a. lot.

    think of me when you are visiting with all those fabulously lucky washington friends!


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