Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Yay for Earth Day!  

I've been recycling for a while.  It takes a little effort since I have to drive it to a drop site but its worth it.  On my last trip to Portland I was in Ikea and picked up something that would work in the small space I have to fit our recycling to keep it from taking over our laundry room.  

It is the Dimpa recycling bag and it was $9.99.  It has three compartments and works perfectly for us.  I just put it in the back of the car and head to the recycling drop.  It always makes me smile when I'm not the only one there saving the earth. ;)  I used two of my favorite things Picnik and my silhouette to make it a little funner to recycle.  And just so you know, since we have been recycling we maybe have one bag of garbage a week. 

So whats stopping you?!  Don't be trashy ;)  Start recycling!

And if you are looking for some other great ways to love our earth, my friend Amelia came up with a great list of things to do! 

1. Ride your bike
2. Skip the bath or shower (it's just one day!)
3. Pay everything online
4. plant or tree or anything for that matter
5. update your lightbulbs to enery efficient ones
6. set up a compost bin (you'd be surprised how much you can throw in there)
7. Recycle something (start with paper, just put it in a different place then the garbage; their are recycle places all over, Maya Angelou has one)
8. Keep the lights off (and all electricity for that matter)
9. Eat only plant based foods (it's only one day and you'd be amazed how much that does for our world!)
10. If shoppings on your agenda but recycled or used, you'd be amazed how fun the thrift store can be!



  1. Are you selling these at Greenies because I totally want one! Our recycle ends up all over the garage and it drives Brad crazy! Let me know. I'm really interested!

  2. umm thats kind of brill idea to sell those at greenies! need me to go to ikea?


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