Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspire Me: Handmade

I signed up yesterday for Gussy's Inspiration Workshop.  Have you signed up yet?  I'm a little excited.  Ok really excited for this fun project!  Since I'm a little late to the game I turned to my pins on Pinterest for some handmade inspiration {the first prompt of the workshop}.  Thanks to my awesome parents Darin and I are kid free for a couple of days so I'm hoping to get in some quality crafting time this afternoon.  Maybe I can cross some of these must make now things off my list!

DIY bag sealers.  So easy and a fab scrap buster!

Isn't that the cutest ruffly thing you ever did see?!

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I'm doing this to my burlap toms when they are all frayed out.  No question.

I need to make this now even though we are so close to summer.  Otherwise I won't be prepared for next summer.

Cornstarch and fabric. Lovely love.

  After 10 years {our anniversary was yesterday!} with the hubs  I know how really true this is.

Whats on your must do list?!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. I loved every single one of those inspirations, but I must say I loved the fabric on the walls! I have never seen that before. It was inspirational..... I also want to put the Love is All You Need in my room.

  2. oh, i clicked here from gussy, and i just adore your blog!! it's super cute! and the toms are super cute! love those!

  3. First, lots of lovely inspiration here! Second, happy 10 year anniversary! Congratulations, what a huge milestone :)

  4. That last banner and those Tom's? Amazing.

  5. Love all your picks as usual Jen...and I totally messaged myself that ruffle dress on facebook to make for Tayvin a few months ago. I love it! I was secretly hoping no one local (especially such a better seamstress than me!!) would find it too. Selfish huh? And there you are spreading the love for all! If you are ever really feeling generous and wanting to do some service we can do them together and you can help me along! ;)

  6. OH! The toms are amazing! So pretty!

    Also love the summer count down!

  7. Happy anniversary! My wedding anniversary is June 1st as well! ^^

  8. happy belated anniversary! all of these are wonderful bites of inspiration. can't wait to see you put your own spin on them! :)

  9. I really like the shoes, 1 more idea for the idea bag. :)


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