Friday, August 5, 2011

Insta Friday!

hello insta friday!  I missed you last week so here's a double dose of what's been going on around here...

Jam makin day.  We of course made our fave Blueberry Ginger.  I think last year someone asked me what crystalized ginger looks like.  Well here you go,  crystalized ginger.  Better late than never.  Ivy also requested strawberry.  We ended up with 30 half pint jars of jam.  Hope they last!

I just don't think cousins can be better friends than these two.  Finishing each others sentances, and getting along.  All the time.  Rare for 4 year olds.  That is the very reason we decided it would be best for our family to move here.  

Thanks to Mel I caved and got an old fashioned ice cream maker.  Our favorite so far has been Rocky Road from the Our best Bites cookbook.  Seriously the best cookbook, besides my trusty BHG one.  

I got a new photo app {thanks for the tip, Mom!} called Pocketbooth.  It takes four pictures in a row and spits em out like a photostrip.  My nephew Wyatt has the best cheesy grins.  

My baby girl had her birthday last week.  FOUR years old.  Oh man.  I spent an hour ruffling up some streamers.  I'm not a huge crepe paper crafts fan but these were actually super cute.    The things we do for little girls... 

Baby girl's birthday was fabulous.  Daddy date to the free movie and lunch.   Mommy date to the bookstore which is hours of reading but this time she got to pick a book of her very own. She chose Ladybug girl.  Mama also snuck Blueberries for Sal out the door for her blueberry girl.

The day after your birthday is always a bit of a downer don't you think?  We spent the afternoon glamping in Ivy's tent.  Whipping up batches of pretend cupcakes and cookies.  And of course reading piles of books. Its her favorite past time besides swimming and I'm always happy to indulge her.

I checked this book out from the library.  I have only read the first 5 chapters but it has made a huge difference already.  I highly recommend it.  Even if your child isn't that spirited. Although I can't think of a three or four year old that isn't.

I just love this picture.  This is our summer days exactly and we wouldn't have it any other way.  {If you haven't tried the tilt shift in instagram you need to.  its my favorite feature}

Art in the park.  Butterfly wings and a fairy crown compliments of our friend Karly.   Our wings were barely making it so new ones definitely brightened this butterfly girls step.  

My brother and his fiance' rolled in to town this past weekend so we loaded up the bikes and headed to Walla Walla for some cruisin and some ice cream.   This picture is exactly how I feel when I'm riding my bike.  I love it more than anything.  Especially with my family on gorgeous tree lined streets. 

My little brother and Shanari, ahhh.   Darin took their engagement photos while we were in Walla Walla.  I'm thinking they should use these.  I can't tell you how happy I am to see my brother so happy.  And Shanari is a doll.  Yay for new sisters!

I've got my bracelets all wrapped up and ready to go in the mail to my bracelet swap partners.  We had over 100 people sign up, and I can't wait to see what everyone came up with.  

Happy Camper.  

This tells you two things.  She does not like to get her hair done.  As in I have to threaten her with cutting it off every time we comb it.    Braids are optimal for swimming every day by the way.  And two she does not like me to take pictures of her wearing stuff I make for her.  Little stinker.  

Happy Insta Friday!

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  1. Great photos! I make fig ginger jam and just posted it last week! I haven't tried it with blueberry...sounds delicious!

  2. great photos! Looks like an awesome week.

  3. My mom gave me Raising Your Spirited Child when my oldest (who is now almost 6!) was 2 1/2. It really is a life-changer! My favorite piece of advice from the whole book is to remember that the qualities that drive us crazy now (extreme stubbornness, extreme melodrama, etc) make really creative, driven, amazing adults. Can't wait to get my bracelet, btw!!

  4. What absolute adorable pictures! I have the pocketbooth app much fun! That last picture is adorable and hilarious rolled in one!!! Totally how my kids are when I want to get pics of things on them:-) I found you through Snips and Spice...I loved the cupcake ornaments btw! Pinned it for sure!! I can't wait to dig around your blog and see what other fabulousness you have going on here:-)


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