Friday, September 23, 2011

Insta Catch Up {pt.2}

Oh this girl.  Apparently four year olds turn in to sponges.  She is constantly asking questions about anything and everything.  My sister saw something on Pinterest that said the average four year old asks 437 questions a day.  I guess Ivy is above average is what I told her.  The bus stop is right outside her bedroom window.  Almost every morning she watches those kids and talks about riding the bus when she goes to school.  Apparently four year olds also turn in to grown ups. 

I don't want her to get old enough to go to school  But I will take her getting old enough to clean!

We went to get the mail.  I guess it must seem like a long ways away to her little legs.

Have you checked out the Martha Stewart line of craft paint?  Uh.may.zing.  I snatched up the fabric medium and I have a 50% off coupon burning a whole in my app to get the spray paint converter.  

Did you know you can use canning jars to store food?!  haha.  We pickled a few beans and some asparagus.  

Then it was back to Portland for my brothers wedding. My mom scored this rad Disney Red Riding Hood costume at the Goodwill superstore.  Yep a thrift superstore.  That would be code for overpriced.

Every day we were in P+town Ivy and I went for a walk.    Just down from my parents house were blackberries that we picked for our cereal.  They were probably the sweetest berries I have ever eaten.

My sister has a curl stick.  I used it and then I had to buy one.  They are fabulous.  And no I didn't dye my hair.  I blame it on Instagram for making me look like a brunette.  I almost cried when Ivy told me I had beautiful brown hair.  Thats a sad day for a natural blonde.  

My parents hosted a wedding dinner in their backyard the evening before the wedding. In twenty years you couldn't have asked for more perfect non rainy weather in Oregon.  All week it was between 90 and 100 degrees.  I laughed every time they talked about the heat advisory.  Make sure and stay inside the radio would say  You might die if you go outside in this extreme heat they warned.   I thought it was perfect. 

Their first dance. 

We went with my brother and his wife to OMSI.  If you are going to Portland with kids I highly HIGHLY recommend it.  We went to the omnimax to see Kelly Slater's Perfect Wave.  I had to close my eyes most of the time so I didn't throw up.  I was so sea sick.

I saw this little pack at Walmart and immediately thought of my sister and my friend Julie. Brilliant!  

We are back to days at the park.  Hopefully we have a lot of those this fall.

In no way does having squash for dinner mean that I am ready for fall or the fact that summer is officially over.

Trying out the new instagram.  I love that you can take off the frames and that the tilt shift {my fave feature} is way easier to use.  Also that new awake might be my favorite filter.  Although Nashville is always my go to.  
{my user name is jenn_warnick if you want to follow along}

I may not be ready for fall but I adore boot season.  So I welcome that with arms wide open.  Especially on skinny little legs, eh on the wrong feet.    I just wish those came in my size. 

Birthday parties, especially the swimming kind are our fave.  

How was your week? 



  1. I love the boot photo! And I wish they came in my size, too!

  2. My sweet girl will be 4 next month. She too is a grown up in an almost 4 year old body. I'm blown away most days at the things they say and think! (First time visiting, love your blog! :))

  3. These photos are lovely! I have an unnatural love for instagram, but what blogger doesn't ... :)

  4. Hi! So fun to meet you! I am going to update my instagram right now to get the awake filter. And how do you remove the frames? So cool. Thanks for the tips!
    I see you aren't too far away; I'm in Olympia. I graduated from River View High School in the Tri-Cities. We moved there from the South when I was 16 (big change!). Never grew on me, but so glad it has grown on you! Love your blog and your sass. Keep it up!

  5. oh my goodness sweet lady! it's been FAR too long since i was last able to pay your space a little visit. far too long indeed. :) i love the instagram updates. they warm my heart, crinkle my nose with smile wrinkles, and make me miss you guys! soon, i think. very soon my life should be slowing down. well, perhaps that's what i'm praying for. lol. and btw, my four year old was perma-glued to the window everyday at bus time too. such a great age. one of the bests! ::hugs::

    a curl stick, eh? may have to look into one.... great hair no matter the color (though i know exactly what you mean about the brown vs. the natural blond. sad feeling is right.)


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