Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Five Gratefuls. 1.17.12

Darin's Grandma passed away today after a long battle with cancer at age 91.  So today I am grateful for...

... eternal families.  Just about 6 months after her hubs passed away Grandma is reunited with the love of her life in Heaven.  That makes me happy.  

... that we were able to go up to Royal City to see Grandma on Sunday one last time.  To see her with her quick wit in her final moments are good memories to treasure.  Reminding me exactly why we moved here.

... That Ivy gets to know her great grands on this earth.  Even if its for just a little bit.   And that she can have photos like this to remind her.

...That I was able to know such an amazing woman who was a perfect example of faith, determination, hard work, and how to love the Lord.  She was a tiny little thing who had always surprised me with her strength {riding horses in her 90's!} and her sassy sense of humor.  La la love you Idris.



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