Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Color My World

Happy Valentine's Day!  Ivy was so excited about today she woke up at 6:45 squealing and telling us that she just LOVES Valentine's day.  Funny, since she slept in until 9 on Christmas!   She has had her Valentine's written out for like a month, but I'm kind of a last minute kind of girl.  I made these cards to go along with our lesson in church on Sunday and thought they would be fun to give to some girlfriends too.    I picked up some fun colors of nail polish at the drug store to give with the card that has a sweet note written inside.   

{for personal use only}

 The cards print to be folded so you can write your own note to your Valentine. The download for the card to print is  HERE.  I hope you have a happy day!!



  1. so cute, jenn, thanks!
    happy day of LOVE xo

  2. happy valentine's day and thanks for the little cards!! xoxo


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