Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Insanity Week 8

note to self:

 I was thinking this morning about how I just get up every day and do this. How I complain and sometimes I wanna cry or throw up its so hard, but I just do it.    How its just a part of my life now.  How I get excited about finding $20 and then go and buy a pull up bar.  Who is that girl, seriously?  I guess that girl is me now.  It took me eight months of doing it every single day to become that girl.  

Its funny because in some ways its like getting back to the girl I was before.  More like the girl I was when Darin and I first met.  Not just in size{!}, but the happy girl that he married.  I started out walking because I wanted a smaller butt.  But, NOTHING has helped me more with my sad heart that I've had these past few years than exercising and getting stronger.  It has made my heart and my mind stronger too.  It has healed me on the inside, which is a result I didn't expect. So I'll keep doing it, every single day.  Cuz if eight months can make that much of difference, I might as well see what another eight can do!

But enough of my sappiness about it.  Here's my results for Week 8{ish}...

Grrr.  Typing week 8 just made me get mad all over again that I got sick cuz I'm so ready for it to be over.   This second half of Insanity is tough guys, but it is making me tougher and that, I love.   I had another fit test Monday and I am getting better, which I also love.

So with only two weeks left I still don't know what we are going to do next.    I'm itching to get outside and do fun things for exercise.  Riding my bike is first on my list.   I've also been missing strength training so that needs to be thrown in the mix too.  Have you got any thing you have been doing that you love?  What works for you?  I'd love to get some new ideas.   



  1. You're such a rock star! It's funny you wrote this because just yesterday, on day 2 of getting up early and getting his ride in, Brad said "Man! I just feel so much better all day if I work out in the morning!" Why do we fight things that make us feel so much better?

    I'm so happy that in addition to looking amazing, you feel better on the inside as well. The rest of us know you're tremendous in every you do too!

  2. If you like the cardio that Insanity gives you, I would recommend the P90X/Insanity hybrid. There you get your strength training and the cardio that keeps the fat off. But I do recommend buying dumbbells. Don't even waste your time with the bands. My wife and I have done both programs and the hybrid is a great one.

  3. Why do you never show your face in your pictures? You're a beautiful woman, you should show it! :)


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