Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st!

Yeah for Christmas!! It makes me sad how fast this time of year goes by. Cuz I love it so much. But since its the first its time to start counting down.  Here are my countdown blocks using the Making Memories Mistletoe paper.  I had a order for a couple more, plus I still needed to make mine so here they are.  I just can't get over how happy this paper makes me.  I love all the subtle details.  If you look close at the trees paper you can see that it is all antique ledger-ish.

I also started working on Ivy's quiet book, which is gonna be her Christmas present.  I used the Black Apple doll pattern to make the dress up girl.  I just cut up the body pattern to make the tank top and undies.  I also added pigtails.  

Here is the outfit I made.  Ivy has one almost just like this so I think it will be kind of fun.  I decided to just make one outfit for now so I can make sure and get all the pages I want to done.  Then I can go back and add more.   

December just can't begin without making Almond Rocha.  Its my Grandma's recipe and its my secret!  (Sorry Ellayne, I gotta have one trick up my sleeve!) But my mom told me that anyone that isn't a family member and has tried to make it always fails miserably.  There must be some magic in my blood! I will tell you a couple of candy tips though.  Wait for the perfect day.    It has to be clear, cold and low humidity.  With something like divinity there needs to be like less than 20 percent, preferably 10.  My grandma lived in Wyoming so she had it easy.  Use cheap butter and expensive chocolate!  And try not to splash on the sides of the pan.  Who knows why but it helps. 

So enjoy every moment this month.  Don't let your countdown get to this without doing something special!


  1. love your doll - reminds me of someone that is a delight!

  2. im 98% sure i would mess up rocha


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