Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Poinsettia Pins

I haven't been a big fan of poinsettias in the past, not sure why but this year I am digging them.  I got these poinsettias in a bunch at walmart for $3.  I also used them on my joy blocks.  I made a couple of pins and decided to make a couple more and show you how to make one if you want!

You are gonna need the poinsettia flowers, plus I used a length of red satin gathered on one edge, some red tulle, a black vintage-y sparkly button(also from Walmart) and a pin for the back.  Oh and a glue gun.

Take apart your flower and discard any plastic pieces.  Then hot glue on the gathered up strip of satin.  On the satin put a dab of hot glue in the center and place a square of red tulle on it.  Careful, tulle and hot glue aren't very good friends. 

Then put your top layer of the poinsettia and glue it on top of the tulle.

Next glue on your button.  I put glue all over the back of the button and pushed the petals on to the button to help it pop up a bit.   Does that make sense?

Glue your pin on the back - a little higher than center so it doesn't flop over - and cover with a small piece of red satin(or not just preference), then pin it wherever you want!

On your favorite houndstooth pillow,

on your burlap banner for a pop of glam,

or pinned to a necklace or headband.
preferably not with that purple shirt but I was being to lazy to change my clothes for a picture.

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