Monday, January 25, 2010

Hangin' Tough- the home stretch!

 This is it!  We are heading in to the last week of the Eating from the Pantry challenge.  Are you going to hate me if I say that ultimately it wasn't that hard?  I think the biggest key is being totally committed to it.  It also made my life a little bit easier not going to the store all the time.  The biggest change is instead of saying "I feel like having this tonight", and then going to the store to get what you want I had to have the mind set of " Lets see what we can come up with tonight."  It also helped to brainstorm a list ahead of time of dinners to make.  And granted the fact that there are only three of us helped A LOT!  We almost always have leftovers so that is lunches for Darin, and Ivy and I don't need anything fancy. 
I went to the store on Saturday and we got some apples, a couple of grapefruit, yogurt and a bunch of bananas.  Bringing my total for the month up to $33.42.  We are gonna reach our goal!  I am going to need to get milk and eggs in a couple days- and probably more bananas, they don't last very long around here- but that certainly won't break the budget.  I have a turkey in the oven for tonight so my meals this week are pretty much centered around leftovers.  We'll be having turkey with rolls out of the freezer and baked peaches, turkey pot pie, paninis, twice baked potatoes and zucchini bread french toast.  Yum, I'm excited about this weeks dinners.  Lets just hope nothing happens to the turkey!


  1. Zucchini bread french toast sounds so good! Is it like regular french toast with zucchini bread? This sounds like a fun challenge. I like to get creative in the kitchen, mostly because I really don't like grocery shopping.

  2. So impressive. What a wonderful thing to do for your family.


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