Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweethearts Dance- last one and shout outs

I found those pictures and I'm tempted not to show you because I didn't LOVE how this turned out.  I had way grander ideas in my head involving yards of fabric and curtain rods , but 1.) My budget wasn't that big and 2.) after all it was a stake dance and I didn't want to kill myself with work and time put in to it.
Don't judge me everything looks better in the dark and these were taken after the dance was over. 
We took the rolling chalkboards and put one in each corner.  Then  we draped them with white fabric from my mother in law.  We ended up taking the table runners and putting  them on the top.  We strung some lights on there too.  I wanted this to be on curtain rods but I gave up on that thought after trying to scale it down.
That black scrolly thing is a chandelier. I also had visions of this suspended from the ceiling and being 3D, but I can only ask Darin to cut out so much wood when its only 40 degrees outside.  I still have more plans for them so I'll tell you how I made those another time.  
Only a couple of lanterns got special treatment.  I took a bunch of geraniums apart and hot glued them on. I added sequins to the middle for some extra sparkle.  But after a couple hours and a couple hundred flowers I decided that 2 was enough.  They looked really pretty all lit up in the dark.  
Now for shoutouts.  Thanks Darin for supporting me and keeping my feet on the ground through the whole thought process.  And for taking awesome photos.  Thanks McKenzie for being on my "committee".  It was fun working with someone so willing to help and that had the same vision/idea.  And thanks Shannon for giving me the opportunity.  It was way fun to do!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sweethearts Dance 2- The photographer (he's good lookin!)

I hired a photographer for the dance.  He did a really great job and I even got to dance with him a couple of times!
This was Darin's set up in the overflow.  He set up a backdrop and floor.  It was just a bit squished but he had a line out the door the whole evening.
We got some props like this big red flower,
and a red feather boa.
We had this big red frame too but Darin only used it a couple of times since it was a little big for the space.

Even though I didn't get to hang out with my husband much on our Valentine's date it was fun to see him enjoy himself.  He did an awesome job.  Thanks Darin!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweethearts Dance

I got asked to be the decorating committee for our stakes Sweethearts Dance that was February 13th.  Do you know how hard it is to decorate a huge stake center?!  Since the gym is so HUGE I decided to go for really big stuff so I wouldn't have to do so much.  First up dropping the ceiling using lights.
We made a grid with wire around the outside and down the middle and strung lights across.  It was like a floating ceiling and very cool.
of course pictures don't really do it justice
I hung large japanese lanterns from Ikea and tissue paper pompoms in the middle.  Yes people were wearing prom dresses and tuxedos!
I used this fabric on the tables and initially for runners but they got used as a drape kind of thing.
I got it from Hawthorne Threads which is awesome.  I ordered it on a Saturday and it came all the way from New York and got here(Washington) on Monday!  I was super impressed with them.  I ordered six yards.  I then cut 26 inch squares off of one side for table squares and used the long strip left to make two runners. 

So I can't find any more pictures but I put red japanese lanterns on the tables as centerpieces and had these backdrop things in the corners.  If you can picture it it was draped white fabric with the runners on the top.  It kind of looked like curtains.  We also made some chandeliers which I'm gonna have to do a seperate post about cuz they were cool.  Now you know why I've had the black, white and red on my mind for the last 2 months! 


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Napkin Pillow Cover

The sun is shining today so I got to take pictures of my newest pillow.  I picked up some napkins in the dollar spot at Target a few weeks ago.
I'm not huge on Valentines decor as I've said before but I liked the scrolls and thought it would be a cute pop of red.  Since I didn't have extra to overlap in the back I went a different route.  I sewed to sides together with a 1/2 inch seam.  

Then I stitched four pieces of ribbon for ties on each side.  Stuffed a pillow in and now I have a super easy pillow cover that isn't permanent!  Cuz those pillow inserts are too spendy to waste on a V-Day pillow!  


Monday, February 15, 2010

LBB/Dharma Trading Design Challenge

Oh man I barely finished in time.  The deadline for the LBB/Dharma Trading design challenge is tomorrow today and I finally got a chance to sit down tonight last night and finish up my entry while I watched some Olympics. Unfortunately Ivy was fast asleep when I finished so I'm not going to have any action shots but here it is!
Presenting Ivy's Quiet Dress
 All Ivy needs to keep her occupied these days is the buttons or zipper on my coat or a scarf to tie things up.  Well coat season is coming to an end (thank goodness!) so why not make a spring dress that will keep a 2 year busy and be styling at the same time?
 My sister had a sweatshirt with a zipper treeon it at Thanksgiving and I knew I had to use that idea somehow.  I raided my mother in laws zipper stash to make a tree using 4 zippers that I cut to random lengths and sewed on the dress to make a tree.  I cut some leaves out of green felt and stitched them on with some green thread.
I then cut some pink felt circles for flowers and cut slits for button holes.  I sewed on a couple of pink buttons big enough for little fingers to have an easy time mastering her buttoning skills!
I knew I had to incorporate ties because Ivy loves to get things all tied up.  She can spend a good 20 minutes fully concentrating on tying and untying my hands with a shoelace.  I couldn't figure it out but then I realized that a bow would make some cute leaves!  I love when the perfect finishing touch just hits you all of the sudden.
Who needs a quiet book when you have a quiet dress?!  It is super cute and I'm so excited that I could make my idea work.   Thanks Ashley for hosting this challenge and always pushing me to try something new!

Linking to DIY Day @ A Soft Place To Land

Monday, February 8, 2010

Winner! Winner!

Okay so we just got back from our fun trip to Utah.  It was last minute but we had a blast with our good friends Rob and Stacy.  Stacy is a photographer as well so Darin took their pictures and she took ours.  We got to go to some really cool spots.  But I know you don't really care about that so on to the fun stuff.  I went to and did a random number generator and it pulled out of the hat...


Lucky you!  I'll be getting in contact with you so you can claim your fabulous prize.  Thanks for all the entries.  Now I'm off to bed.  Ivy wore me out this weekend.  


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Heart Bokeh

Darin found a DIY heart bokeh tutorial for me and we tried it out right before we took down the Christmas tree.  Now I'm not a good photographer AT ALL but we figured it out.   Kind of fun and would be super cute for Valentines Day.  Hmmm....


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finish It February and a Giveaway!!!

Last Saturday Ivy took a two hour nap.  That never happens and I took the time to clean my craft room.  It was a disaster and needed some major work.  It is much better, even though you wouldn't necessarily call it spotless.  But as I was cleaning up I kept coming across projects that were almost finished, half finished or I had a great idea but never got around to it.  You know how it goes, you get stuck or too tired to finish so you put it away and then it doesn't get finished.  So I have dubbed this month Finish it February.  
I'm going to try and not start another project until I've finished up the stack in my tiny room.  First up?!  My last honor student scarf.  I have one and there is one for sale at Greenies, I just never got around to finishing the last one.  Until now that is.  And thats where you get lucky. Cuz I'm giving it away!  Yep I'm feeling generous so here goes my first giveaway.  
Want to win my last Honor Student Scarf?  It is made with fabric from the LOVE line by Amy Butler.  And all you have to do is leave a comment with a way for me to get a hold of you if you win!.  

If you want an extra entry become a follower of Making it My Own
Another entry?  Blog, facebook, tweet whatever you want about this giveaway.
One more chance to win?  Become a fan of Greenieson Facebook.
(if you are already a fan you still have to comment)
Just make sure and leave a comment for each entry so I know! 

Good Luck!  Contest ends Monday February 8th at 9pm PST. 


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Football Faves-Buffalo Chicken Dip

I am so excited for the Super Bowl.  And a little sad at the same time cuz I love football season.  I love the games, watching all cuddled up on a Sunday afternoon eating "football food".  Hot wings are standard football fare its true.  I have a love/hate relationship with hot wings though.  I love the flavor, and don't mind eating them but I HATE watching other people eat them.  This dip is the perfect answer!  It is so yummy and everyone loves it.  If you are getting ready for the super bowl and want to try something new this is it.  Just serve with chips, carrots and celery and you don't have to worry about getting wings from somewhere else.
I was all ready to take pictures but I can't find any batteries for our camera. Sorry.

Buffalo Chicken Dip
2 cups shredded rotisserie chicken
1 8oz softened cream cheese-regular, fat free or low fat, you decide
1 to 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese depending on how cheesy you like things
1/3 cup Franks Buffalo Wing sauce
1/4 cup bleu cheese dressing
(if you don't like bleu cheese don't worry, I've made it with ranch too and they taste the same) 
Mix all ingredients together and put in a greased 8x8 or 9inch round dish.
Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. 

Just one note.  Make sure your cream cheese is softened quite a bit and mixed in really well.  You don't want to bite into a chunk of cream cheese.

Yep its that easy.  Enjoy!

A little birdie told me!

I finished Ivy's valentines shirt and I love it.  I found an image online used it to applique.  I decided to hand satin stitch it since there was so many tiny parts and corners.  It gave me something to do but it took FOREVER!  I probably won't be doing that again.  Ah the things we do for love.

I promise she loves it she just doesn't love getting her picture taken! She wears these shirts under dresses and sweaters all the time so I put the sweet little birdie at the bottom so it wouldn't peek out.  It turned out perfect!  Hope you enjoy.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Zipper Flowers

My sister asked me to make her some zipper flowers for her hair.  I just took a zipper apart and sewed a gathering stitch down the side, adding the two pieces together.  Then I glued them in a flower shape and added a pin on the back.  Super easy and super cute.  Isn't my sister so fashionable?!


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