Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweethearts Dance- last one and shout outs

I found those pictures and I'm tempted not to show you because I didn't LOVE how this turned out.  I had way grander ideas in my head involving yards of fabric and curtain rods , but 1.) My budget wasn't that big and 2.) after all it was a stake dance and I didn't want to kill myself with work and time put in to it.
Don't judge me everything looks better in the dark and these were taken after the dance was over. 
We took the rolling chalkboards and put one in each corner.  Then  we draped them with white fabric from my mother in law.  We ended up taking the table runners and putting  them on the top.  We strung some lights on there too.  I wanted this to be on curtain rods but I gave up on that thought after trying to scale it down.
That black scrolly thing is a chandelier. I also had visions of this suspended from the ceiling and being 3D, but I can only ask Darin to cut out so much wood when its only 40 degrees outside.  I still have more plans for them so I'll tell you how I made those another time.  
Only a couple of lanterns got special treatment.  I took a bunch of geraniums apart and hot glued them on. I added sequins to the middle for some extra sparkle.  But after a couple hours and a couple hundred flowers I decided that 2 was enough.  They looked really pretty all lit up in the dark.  
Now for shoutouts.  Thanks Darin for supporting me and keeping my feet on the ground through the whole thought process.  And for taking awesome photos.  Thanks McKenzie for being on my "committee".  It was fun working with someone so willing to help and that had the same vision/idea.  And thanks Shannon for giving me the opportunity.  It was way fun to do!


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  1. so i love love loved the draped chalkboards in the corners. elegant way to direct traffic. extremely impressive. you did a great job. =)


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