Friday, December 31, 2010

Get set...

Ugh, too many late nights has caught up to me and no vitamins and water  or positive thinking are gonna save me this time.  I have the aches and chills, you know of the flu variety.  My mom defenses let me down.  Double ugh.  It really is the worst.  I'm hoping I'll be better to ring in the New Year.  The biggest bummer is now I'm going to start out behind on my big New Years Challenge.  Will you forgive me if I start a couple of days late?  

You are going to need a few things for this year long challenge, so its time to get set. Here's what you are going to need...

1.  Some way of exercising. It can be anything you want, or are already doing.  I'm going to be heading to the gym more, and doing some pilates at home.   You don't need to go out and spend money to exercise, I promise.  Getting outside is my favorite thing  and I  love love love  the 100 Pushup Challenge.  They also have a 200 situps and 200 squats challenge.  Crazy good and you'll be as tough as nails.  Hmmm, maybe I should do that one again.

2. Some resolutions.  This isn't going to be just about exercising, but being better. Being the person that you want to be.   Healthier, happier, nicer, more organized, whatever you want it to be about.    Mique at 30 Days has a great free printable to get you started!  Also check out Karen at Karina Ink for a great post on making your list.  I highly recommend getting a journal or a notebook so you can keep track of your journey this year. 

3. Mostly,  resolve.  Time to stock up on some reserves.  Like I said this is going to be a year long thing, and if you don't have any resolve than its probably not going to work.  I'm planning on picking three things a month to work on.  One spiritual, one physical and one to help me be a better mom/wife/friend.   I'm hoping you'll join me so we can do it together.  Cuz whats better than having your friends help you along?   

So what do you say?  Are you with me?! 
{sorry if I'm not a very good motivator when i have the flu}

  Well of course I had to sweeten the deal!  Because I love you and like to give you bribes, uh I mean presents!

I've got ten 2 week passes to Golds Gym here in Kennewick.  So if you are local and want to get a good start on your fitness goals,  be one of the first ten people to email me at to snag yours!

I know,I know but I'm not leaving everyone else out.    

Meet my friend Celeste.  She is one of my greatest friends and fitness guru extraordinaire.  Yes is a Boston Marathon qualifier , and is developing her own product, and is featured on running blogs, but she is also the best girl to have around.  Her laugh is fab, and I'm so happy to be working with her on this.  She is going to be doing some guest posts on fitness and helping us stay motivated.  {And if you are going to be pregnant, are pregnant,  or have been pregnant, than you definitely want to check out her blog, Due Fit.}  Celeste is giving away her CORE 4 Program.  And here she is to tell you exactly what that entails!  

Hello everyone!  I'm Celeste and I'm thrilled that Jenn has asked me to be here and with you all over the next year.  And to start the new year off right, I'm going to give away  a free 6 week session for my new program - CORE 4 ($79 value)   It is for any woman who wants to reform their abs, while strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, low back and improve posture all at the same time.  Typically women who do the CORE 4 Program improve their waistline by 3-4" in just 6 weeks.

I've finally put this program together because I have found that most women (especially those that have given childbirth) tend to have several of the following: weak pelvic floor muscles which contributes to stress incontinence, low back pain, poor posture and the dreaded "Mommy Tummy" caused by either abdominal separation or stretched out transverse abs. I create custom programs with progressive transverse abdominal exercises that help pull the belly back in...which is why inches can be taken off the waist in 6 weeks. 

The 6 week program includes:
CORE 4 Assesment Form (Clients fill this out before I design the 6 week program for them.  By Video instruction they measure the waistline and check for Diastasis Recti)
Videos for each exercise
Weekly Emails with new progressive exercises each week
CORE 4 Assesment Form
Expert Advice
Skype Session if needed
**If the winner has Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) They'll need to wear the splint ($35 VALUE) for 6 weeks.  This along with exercises helps bring the abs together fast! They will know after watching the video and filling out the assessment form)
This is the BEST thing a woman can do to take care of their body!  When the inner core is strong...the spine is aligned correctly, and it prevents a host of problems such as slipped discs, further abdominal separation, prolapsed uterus, sciatica, posture and neck pain...etc!

Ummm, who doesn't want that kind of help with their abs?

Celeste is  also offering all Making It My Own readers a discount on her CORE 4 program.  Sign up by January 15th and get a 10% discount.  Just mention me, her favorite friend Jenn! ; )

To win you must be a follower of Making It My Own.  Then leave me a comment  about your New Years Resolutions.  

You can also get an extra entry just leave some comment love for Celeste at Due Fit, just leave another comment telling me that you did. 

And if you are down for my challenge, then leave one more comment telling me you are going to join me. 
I would really love it if you did.  Join me that is. Whatever your goal is.  Pretty please?!
 {I'm pleading which according to Fancy Nancy is a nicer, fancier way of begging!}


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Does that come in my size?

  I'm so making this for my bed.  I heart it too much for words.  Seriously.  Some people knock my socks off.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hello!  I've got a little something for you guys today.  Have you heard of CSN stores?  They sell just about everything you can think of.  And they would like to offer one of you Lucky Ducks a $35 gift certificate!  There are a million things you could buy.  You can even get TV stands for flat screens.  

So go ahead and leave a comment telling me your favorite gift you got for Christmas!  I'll draw a winner probably next Monday.  Hope you had a great Christmas weekend, filled with all of the best kind of memories!

Monday, December 27, 2010

New Horizons

I am constantly blown away by the talented people here in Tri Cities.  And then they always take it one step further and give so willingly of their talents.  My friend Meg put together an amazing experience for local photographers to help out some girls at the New Horizons school.  Darin was able to go behind the scenes and capture the whole experience in video.  It was an amazing experience for everyone involved and I'm so lucky to have such fabulous friends.  {And a pretty amazing husband.}  You can read more about their experience HERE.   Check out the video below to catch a glimpse of a special day.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Reason

Ivy loves Nativities.  Its one of those things that makes this mama's heart happy.  She loves to play Little Lord Jesus and Away in a Manger is her favorite song.  Hearing her cute little voice singing it gets me a little teary every time.  Because really, if we can succeed in REALLY teaching her the true meaning of Christmas I will consider myself the best mom ever. 
One lesson I want her to learn is something I learned a long, long time ago {ok not that long ago, I'm not that old!} in Primary.  My teacher wrote it on the chalkboard and I hope that I can teach Ivy the importance of this one little lesson.

We talked about how writing Xmas instead of Christmas takes away the most important part of the holiday and what we are truly celebrating.  Its such a tiny thing, but it has always stuck with me.  But its more than just when we write or type out Christmas. We need to try and keep Christ in all of our celebrating at Christmas time. 

 I would LOVE to hear how you do just that.  So please share all of the little ways you keep Christ in your Christmas.  Cuz this mama is going to need some good ideas if I'm going to be the best Mom ever!



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cupcake Ornaments {tutorial}

Sometimes I never learn.  I've been looking high and low for a cupcake ornament that I like since October.  I thought it would be a fun one to add to our collection this year.  Well, I don't know why I didn't just think of making one.  I mean, thats the obvious answer right?!  But with the cold and snow outside keeping me cozy inside, I finally had a stroke of genius and some time to make these little cuties with Ivy.

 They are perfect for the ornament exchange I'm heading to tonight, and I know you need a cupcake ornament for your tree too!

ball ornament
mod podge
cupcake wrappers
 glue gun
twine, string or an ornament hook

Got it all? Lets make some cupcakes!

Step one: Remove the top thingy from an ornament and set it aside.  Take some ribbon and starting about a third of the way down from the top wrap and glue the ribbon, covering the bottom two thirds of the ornament.  I used brown to give it a chocolate cake look.  

Step Two:  Mod podge the uncovered part of your ornament and dump a bunch of glitter on it.  I used white for this one but any color "frosting" would be cute.  I think I'm going to have to get some pink glitter to make one for Ivy.  Glue together a couple of cupcake liners for stiffness, then glue your ornament in to the cupcake wrapper.  

Step Three:  Glitter the ornament top too.  {If you don't have one of those glitter trays I highly recommend it.  I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $2 or something.  The funnel makes all the difference.}  Then put that top thingy back on.   

 Step Four:  Tie with some bakers twine or string and hang on your tree.  Then step back and love how cute your cupcake ornament is.

Step Five:  Make a bunch more because it was easy, and you are kind of addicted to glitter now. ;)  I thought the patterned ribbon looked like some fancy bakers cups so I left them without the wrappers.  That mini black polka dot one is my fave, imagine that. How cute are they in miniature?!  I've been a purist on my ornaments but its funny how having a three year old changes that.  I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas week!

Happy cupcake making!


Monday, December 20, 2010

On Your Marks...

All right ladies.  Its time to start stretching, taking your vitamins and drinking more water.  We've got to start prepping for our New Years Resolutions.  Now I'm not trying to rush you through Christmas, I just wanted to give you fair warning! 


Saturday, December 18, 2010


Ok so I have been slacking.  Its kind of nice, but I'm missing you all too.  I had wanted to mention this SO much earlier this week and didn't get to it.  

Please go here to help bring water to people who don't have it. 
Wouldn't that make a great Christmas gift? 


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Heart Picnik Part 3 {invitations}

Oh hello!  Here I am.  Did you miss me?  I have had a hard time sitting down these past few days.  Catching up after a trip always takes me a bit longer than I think.  We had a great time in Boise catching up with family that we don't see nearly enough of.  But thank goodness for facebook right?! ;)

When I was a teenager my parents started a tradition of pancakes and ice cream in December.  Well when Darin and I got one of those cool flippy waffle makers we decided to make it our own tradition.  So we invite family over and have waffles with ice cream.  Its much more fun if you send family invitations, even to dinner.  Besides when you have a good friend like Picnik why not?  After I did Ivy's pumpkin party invitations  I had a bunch of people ask me for a little tutorial. So I'm going to take you step by step on how to make your own evites! {or invites} This is also how I made that applesauce recipe card last week.

First go to Picnik and upload your background.  You can use a picture, a blank document that is the size you want, or like I did this time, some digital scrapbook paper.  I used one from this free kit.  Free is ALWAYS good!   Easy and cute.  My favorite kind.  Plus  I knew that this would go perfect with the tags in the new seasonal stuff.  

See?  SO cute right.  Once you have uploaded what you are going to use for your background, click on the CREATE tab.  This is where all the fun stuff is!  Under create the first tab on the left is FEATURED.  All of their Christmas stuff is there.  {Check out the winterize on a photo sometime.  I love it almost as much as cross-process.}  Scroll down until you find the tags.  There are some really cute ones to choose from.

Next up is adding your text.  I started with my big word first so everything else would fit around it.  

To get the same color on my second layer of text I clicked on WAFFLES.  There should be a little box that pops up with all of your options, and the color.  In the upper right hand corner just above the colors is the code for the color you picked.  Highlight it and copy it.   Then click on your other text.  In this case WHO WANTS.  Then paste your color code in to the same spot and it will match.  Pretty fancy huh!

Add the rest of your text with all of your party info.  Save and you are done.  Ta Da!  Now you can "hand out" these invitations through email or facebook  by attaching it just like a picture.  If you really wanted to you could print them out at Costco or at home or wherever.  Since this one is a 12X12 I could print it out as an 8X8 or 12X12.  But those are kind of expensive for an invitation.  Luckily, we are a facebook family!
{IF you are going to print out your invitations then you need to crop your background in the first step. Once you have uploaded your image it will go to the edit tab.  Just click on the crop button.  At the top will be a drop down menu that says no constraints.  Click on the arrow and pick the size you want.  Seriously, they make it so easy.   Then after you make your invite its just the right size to upload and print.}

 Mmm waffles.  Can't wait!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

All is Fair In Secret Recipes

Remember back in like September when I accidentally shared a secret family recipe?  Yikes!  Well I have one recipe that I haven't shared with my sister in law, mostly to tease her.  But after I spilled the beans on her Grandma's pie filling I figured it would be best to make it up to her with my Grandma's Almond Rocha recipe.  It is my Grandma Perkins recipe {yep the one I was telling you about on Monday} and I love it.  My mom has been making it as long as I can remember, and of course her mom made it forever.  So I thought it would be a fun treat to take to Boise.  And it worked out perfectly because the sun finally decided to shine today.    

Why does it matter if the sun is shining?  Well here is Grandma's candy making lesson number one.  It has to be a clear, sunny day with LOW humidity.  I know it can be tricky to get the perfect day, but  if you have descent conditions,  go ahead, pull out your ingredients and lets make some candy!.
3 Tbsp. water
2 sticks of butter
1 cup of sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
 sliced almonds
1 giant chocolate bar
electric skillet
wooden spoon

Grandma's candy making lesson number two.  Use cheap butter and higher quality chocolate.  Cheaper butter {think store brand}  has less cream or something.  I'm not sure why, but it works better.  My mom likes Lucerne.  As for chocolate I used a Symphony bar this time, but we really like it with dark chocolate too.  All right.  Ready to rock?
Using one of your sticks of butter grease a metal 9x13 pan.  
Grate half of your chocolate bar in to the pan.  I use my grater attachment on my mixer.   Sprinkle with almonds.   Or put the almonds and then the chocolate, either way.  Set your other half of your chocolate bar to the side for now.  DON'T eat it! 
 Ok, put your butter, sugar and water in an electric skillet.  Turn on HIGH and stir constantly.
Grandma's candy making lesson number three.  Its HOT!  That is why we need to use a wooden spoon.  Your other spoons will melt.  I promise.
It will look like this when it starts boiling,  a pretty yellow color.  Just keep stirring, just keep stirring.   And then here comes the fast and {little bit} tricky part.  When the boiling slows down and the color changes to...
...this, a tan color, add the vanilla...
and stir for one more minute.  Be careful not to burn it!
Then pour your toffee mixture in to your 9x13 pan, going back and forth and filling in the gaps until your chocolate is completely covered.   Remember lesson three and BE SO CAREFUL!  It is really hot and you do not want that burn.  It will ruin Christmas. 

Now break up your remaining chocolate and place on the hot toffee.  Let it stand for a few minutes to let the chocolate melt a bit.
Use a spatula to spread it.  Gingerbread men spatulas work quite well. ;)

Then scatter more almonds on top and let it cool.  Like a long time cool.  I try and make it in the morning so it is ready to break in the evening.  

When it is set, use a knife, stab it to break up your rocha in to pieces and store in an airtight container. 

Grandma's Candy Lesson number four.  Always give it away.  Otherwise you'll eat it.  

Maybe I made that last one up.  :)  But it is always better to give right?!
{FAIR WARNING:  Anyone my mom or Grandma ever taught to make this that wasn't a family member hasn't been able to get it right.  So don't blame me if you don't have the magic!}
 Let me know how it turns out!  Oh, and lets have a poll!  Whats your stance on secret recipes?  

Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Notes

THANK YOU!  I've been busy all weekend filling orders!  I'm excited that you guys are excited!  And just to get shop business out of the way first...

Ruffled Burlap Wreaths are ready to rock!  I can't even tell you how much I love them.  Each one is a little bit different, and can be customized to match your holiday decor.  Too cute. 

+ + +

  I had a kind of sad day yesterday.  My Grandma passed away early Sunday morning.  She has had alzheimer's for 10 years, so it was expected, but I still got a little teary.  I'm just so extremely grateful for the knowledge that I will see her again someday, and she is finally at peace, restored to her perfect state in Heaven.  I think the best word to describe my Grandma is Elect. She was a very classy lady, serving for many years in the Wyoming House of Representatives, and at the Casper Chamber of Commerce.  

Isn't she a sweet gal? She loved color, baking pie, sewing and had a cute sarcastic sense of humor.  {Hmmmm.  Sound like anyone else I know?!}  Dorothy was blessed with fabulous hair that as far as I know never went gray.  Lucky girl.  So I'll be heading to Boise at the end of the week to attend her Memorial Service. I'm excited to see family that I don't get to see very often, not so exited for the crying I'm bound to do.  

One thing my Grandma and Grandpa are well known for is their applesauce.  Seriously the best ever.  No matter how hard I try mine isn't quite the same, but it always reminds me of spending the summer in Wyoming, and more recently visiting with my awesome Grandpa in Boise.  We swap canning stories and I love his laugh.  So in honor of Ty and Dorothy here is their applesauce recipe.  Its seriously worth going out and getting apples today. 

And just so you know, its good on just about anything!  

+ + +
Thanks Grandma for being such a fine lady.  I Love you.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Open For Business {pretty much}

I don't know if you  have noticed the banner that I have been hanging up in my little space at things like the farmer's market, or that craft fair I just did.  Yep, the one that says Ruffled Sunshine.  Ta Da!  I have a name for my little business!  Back in the summer when I did the She Market, my friend Karen {who you met a couple of weeks ago during I'm Thankful Week}  decided I needed a business name.  Not just, you know that one girl that makes cute stuff and sells it sometimes.  I so wanted to use Ivy's name, but every one I came up was already being used.  So I picked two of my other favorite things and viola!  My amazing friend Celia came up with a perfect logo {she also did the Family Proclamation} and has been a huge help with everything design minded. 
{Hows that for stuffing as many links in to one paragraph as I can!  Did you catch them all?} 

 I had such a great time at My Favorite Things, it gave me the last push I needed to finally get things up and running online.  And so, here it is folks, just in time for the holidays...

Kind of fun right?  I'm starting out small, and it doesn't have a lot hence the pretty much, but it should get a little bit fuller over the weekend as I get more pictures taken.  I just wanted to get it up quickly for all of you who were looking for Winter Blooms, {which you can also now find at Greenies in Richland. Thanks for your interest by the way!  It totally makes me happy :) }

Opening up shop is something I've been wanting to do for a while, I would just get so nervous even thinking about it that I pushed it back to the back burner.  Umm, I think I do that a lot.  Maybe I should work on that?  Anyways...  Come on by and check it out!  Let me know what you would like to see in Ruffled Sunshine!  

Have a festive and fabulous Weekend!



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