Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Deer!

Did you know that it was my birthday a month ago?  I know, I should have told you, its just that 31 isn't quite as fun to celebrate, ok?!  Anyways, I saved up some cash and with all my birthday money {thanks guys!} I was able to get a Silhouette.  Woot!  I love this thing!  I have been pretty busy so I haven't used it a ton, but I'm sure it will get broken in this month.  I've been dying to try the heat transfer, so I picked up some cute pink polka dot stuff from Hobby Lobby.

See?  Cute right?  Its even fuzzy which I love.  I  used a shape that Silhouette has in their library to cut the sweetest deer for Ivy's shirt.  

Ivy has a lot of white shirts.  Um, just like her mama.  My trick is to embellish them right there, down at the bottom.  That way she can still wear them under things and not have things like a pink deer head poking out of her dress.

Add in the cheesiest 3 year old around and,  
  I have one stinking cute shirt. 

{ BTW  I highly recommend the Cherokee ones from Target.  They don't stretch out like other ones and always have sweet little gathered sleeves. } 

SO yeah, I heart my birthday present.  Anyone want to come play with my new toy with me?!  


  1. That's so cute!!! Happy Late Birthday! Wish I had a little girl! She's a doll!

  2. oh my goodness, i'd say i'm jealous but i'm not supposed to be jealous, so instead i'll just tell ya how excited i am for you & your burfday gift! :) all the things you can do with that precious machine, woot woot! fabulouso. plus, that deer is the best danged polka-dotted bambi ever. no lie, looks JUST like him! anyhow, super cute. and super-belated 31st birthday!!!!
    (trust me, 31 is the biz! i've enjoyed 31 better than all the other years so far. it's gonna be great for sure!)

  3. I'll help you break that thing in... Does it cut felt?

  4. happy belated birthday! That shirt (& your daughter!) are TOO cute! :)

  5. super cute I want one!I'll have to do my research before the 25th...

  6. That's just darling!

    popp'n over from 'Life Made Lovely Monday'


  7. omg! i just love it!! it's my first time visiting your blog! and i think ill become pretty addictive!!! ♥ every detail in here is just amazing!! greetings darling ♥


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