Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Ummm, so I got a little spoiled with all of those guest posters!  I've been staying away from the computer and today I sat down and realized I should probably say Hi!  
 So, I think that I am ADD about my header.  With the all of the holidays it has been so fun to change it up. I hope you don't mind.  I also added a photo from our family shots we got a couple of weeks ago.  I was looking through them and couldn't believe that it was fall like 2 weeks ago.  And now Tri Cities is a winter wonderland!
I had a fabulous Thanksgiving with my family here and all of the snow.  We were able to go sledding, shopping, and I even got some fun crafts done.  Of course I didn't take any pictures, so thats on my list of things to do tomorrow, so I can show you guys.  While I work on that, I thought I would show you my booth from the My Favorite Things Bazaar I did on the 20th.  
{sorry for the so so pictures, I was only able to snap a few before they sent in the huge line of people!}

Here's almost the whole thing.  I had a little bit of everything, because I'm also ADD when it comes to crafting.  I can handle only so much of making the same thing over and over.  That burlap wreath was the hit of the show!  I had 7 orders for them, plus the 2 that I had there! 

My other hot ticket were these winter bloom pins.  They are felt flowers and I love how they add pops of color in the winter.  I have a yellow one on my purse and you can see a red one in that picture up there on the right.  And how rad is that suitcase?!  I got it in Portland this summer when I got that one trunk.  You can also see my fave, the bookpage snowflake garland. 

Here is my table of stuff that I made for my house, and took to the bazaar to fill it up a bit. Eh, now I have to make new stuff for my house. ;)  Thats ok,  I'm ADD about decorating my house too!  All in all it went really well.  I just need to remember next year to wear my fur boots and bring a heater.  There are definite perks to being the first booth when you walk in, but the cold air is not on that list.  
I hope you all are getting back in to the swing of things after the long holiday weekend!  Talk to you soon! 


  1. I love Craft Fairs!!


  2. I love your burlap wreaths! Very trendy old fashioned. Simple and sweet. I bet everyone thought they were at the mother of craft shows when they first walked in and saw your booth!

  3. Jenn,I saw you at the craft fair and wish I would have purchased one of your winter blooms pin. Are you going to be anywhere else this holiday season?

    Jill Shelby

  4. So sad that I live so far away. I would have LOVED to have come to the craft fair!! As always fabulous ideas.

  5. turned out beautifully! not that anything you put your hand to turns out anything but. (did that make sense? hope so. lol.)
    digging the burlap wreaths. what a great idea. i'm thinking ADD is not so bad after all. :)

  6. your craft table looks beautiful, i just wish i would have heard about this craft fair before today! loving the winter bloom pins. if you don't mind sharing, what felt do you use- wool felt, standard craft felt, the stiffer stuff or something else altogether? i need to doll up a maternity shirt and thought about sewing flowers on.


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