Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Thankful With Dandee Designs

Good Morning! I hope you are cozy and curled up with some apple cider today!  We woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland and had to hightail it to the store for some snow boots for the little lady.  Snow this early caught me a little off guard, but Ivy was so exited to play in the snow I went with the first ones we found that would work.  {Camo and 2 sizes to big, but I think I'm the only one who cares!} 
I'm off to play in the snow some more, but I'm tickled to have our first I'm Thankful guest of the week.  Danyelle {some people call her Dandee} is as sweet as can be and has a golden touch for turning even the most ordinary in to something special with just the right amount of fancy.  Danyelle  always has the kindest words and I'm so happy she could be here with us today.  Enjoy!
Friends, I'm going to be honest with you. I feel a little inadequate. All of the guests that have contributed to Thankful Week have been so eloquent. Their ability to express just what is in their hearts astounds me and I have enjoyed every post. Unfortunately, I often have a difficult time getting the emotions that generate in my own heart onto paper. There is a road block somewhere between my brain and fingertips and I apologize for that.

This past week like many of you, I have been thinking of what I'm grateful for.  One thought that keeps creeping in is my gratitude for the opportunity to create happy memories in my children's lives. Each of my children bring a tremendous amount of joy into our home. They are incredible little people and it's an honor to make all their experiences extra special. Especially the holidays.

Thanksgiving is a day my family and I look forward to all year. It's time away from regular obligations. A day enjoyed with the people we love most. It's a time for gratitude and love. A time for reflection and faith. A time for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. It's even a time for football.

One way I make the holidays feel extra special is to do things I wouldn't normally do. My husband and I have five children and most nights we feel like we've accomplished a huge feat if we get through a meal without spilled milk or tantrums. Bringing out the goblets, fabric napkins and place cards on holidays make the children feel special. Actually, they make me feel a little special too. These few simple flourishes not only add pretty ambiance, they create a little magic around our gratitude table.

This year, our table will lined with tiny paper boat place cards. Would you like to create some special place cards for your family this Thanksgiving? You can find full instructions and a downloadable template here on my blog.

Thank you for having me in your happy space, Jenn! You are a woman full of inspiration and I feel lucky to know you. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Aren't those so great?!  I always have grand ideas for making our table special and then I never do.  I think these are the perfect addition.  Thanks again Danyelle!  Be sure and head over to Dandee Designs for her 30 days of kindness too!   I'll be back later with the winner of Passionista's November mix, so if you haven't entered be sure to leave a comment on Friday's post!


  1. "it's an honor to make all their experiences extra special." love that. i definitely feel the same way, & i really love the way that you expressed it. (i might put it on my bathroom mirror!)

    inadequate?! pshawww danyelle! one thing that i love most about you is that the things you have to say always make a difference in wherever i am in my day, week, life. never inadequate.

  2. i love this too! i have special napkins, a tablecloth, and dishes that are only used for thanksgiving. which is pretty cool for all of us. their so "hallowed" that when i snagged them for the continental breakfast table a friend & i did for our blogger retreat last month, and then showed up back at home with pictures of the event, my husband noticed the napkins, etc right off the bat! :) makes a difference more than we know. and it should always be that way with our families, since thanksgiving isn't just another day. thanks for this post. makes me feel good to know that we have great traditions and the post kinda reaffirms the importance of those traditions for me.

  3. I love it all. I'm a sucker for making anything and everything as special as I can, and your ideas are always wonderful.

    Happy Thanksgiving Danyelle!

    And Jenn!

  4. Thanks again for having me, Jenn. You're the best.

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE IT! The little things you made are adorable!! I look forward to reading and crafting things from your site!!! Thanks!

  6. You are so awesome Danyelle. I am so grateful to call you one of my dearest friends!

  7. I've always been inspired by Danyelle and all her creativity and her sparkly attitude that exudes from her blog. Thanks for sharing.


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