Thursday, March 31, 2011

Very Very Pinteresting

Do you ever see something online that you love?  And then when you try to find it again it is impossible? Well let me introduce you to my new friend...

After a year of avoiding it like the plague {who needs ANOTHER distraction?  Definitely not me.} I finally asked my friend Shannon for an invite to Pinterest.  Want to know why I love it?  Because if I see something that I want to make or that I love all I have to do is click Pin It {you add it to your tool bar} and it saves it for you.  Then instead of trying to find a project over again its bookmarked for me.  I just click on the picture and back I go to the original site.  Genious I tell you.

The addicting part is the most beautiful imagery you could ever imagine.  All in one place.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

But my very favorite part is all of the inspiring words. I know this one is kind of funny but I love it so much!  Pinterest is definitely *hayppysigh* worthy.  And you should definitely check it out.  You won't be sorry I promise!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Help A Sister {V & Co} Out!

Do you remember Vanessa from V & CO?  And her rad houndstooth quilt pattern that she so kindly gave away a couple of weeks ago here?  I'm sure you do, and I'm guessing most of you have looked at her blog at one time or another. 

 Well, yesterday she posted that her husband just got laid off. Ugh. Just those words "laid off" make my heart sick.  So don't you think we should help a sister out? 

Head on over to Vanessa's shop and get that houndstooth quilt pattern you wanted.  Or her super cute Abby bag pattern.  She's even selling fabric bundles which I'm sure are to perfectly paired together.

Isn't that cake so cute?! Seriously.  And if you can't decide which pattern to get?  You should probably get them all.  Cuz really won't you be so happy sewing all of your new projects knowing that you helped out a great girl in a scary time?  I'll race you over to the V& Co shop.

Oh and don't worry if you don't sew either.  She's got some super rad bracelet and decor patterns that don't require you to touch a machine either!

And lets get the word out eh?  Can you imagine if everyone bought a pattern?!  Gives me chills and makes my heart smile.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Gave It My Best Shot

So I tried, really I did.  But that running thing?  It's not for me.  I got through 5 weeks of the Couch to 5K.  And then one day I went to the gym and I even got on the treadmill for 15 minutes.  Then I thought...


 I dread it.  I am NOT having fun.  Yes, even after getting better and running farther, I still hate this.  So I hopped off the treadmill and hit the elliptical... for 45 minutes.  Pretty much enjoyed every non "running" second of it.  So I'm heading back to my bodyflow class, hitting up Zumba and I'm racing to the window every morning to see if I can ride my bike yet. 
HOWEVER. If running is your thing and you want to still train for a race I've got just the thing for you.  Remember my friend Celeste?  Well she's back to help you with some training tips for you to motivate you! Thanks Celeste!

Jenn asked if I'd share some tips on training for a race since some of you crafty women are working on that area of fitness this year.  I'm actually doing a training program for a local school district 5k program here in Ohio and thought I'd share with you some tips.

INCREASE YOUR MILEAGE SLOWLY - This is to avoid injury (planter fasciitis, shin splints etc..) and overtraining (extreme fatigue). The general rule of thumb is to increase weekly only by 10%-20%.  Start off your program with your base distance.  If 3 miles is the most you have run in a WEEK, then the next week you should run at the most between 3.3 and 3.6. 

QUALITY vs QUANTITY - It's more important to get a quality workout in than quantity.  More miles is not necessarily better for you.  You DON'T have to run everyday to be prepared for a race.  3-4 times a week is great.  Especially if you are smart with your workouts. Change them up.  Have a long slow day, hard short distance day or interval day each week.

FORM and LEG TURNOVER make a difference - Ever notice how effortlessly an olympic distance runner runs?  This is because they have the biomechanics down and their lungs are in excellent shape.  The more efficient your form is, the less energy you expend, the easier it is to run.  If you think your running form needs some some youtube videos on "Proper Running Form" when you get it will become natural and you will save a lot of energy and unnecessary pounding on the knees. Have a friend observe you.  Your feet should land softly and the back should not be straight up and down. 

FUEL - Generally, eat a meal within 1.5-2 hours before a run or a pre workout snack within an hour.  Eat a post snack (protein and carbs) after a hard run within 30 min after to help the muscles recover quicker.  Chocolate Milk or a peanut butter sandwich is an excellent post snack.

NEW TO RUNNING?  Give yourself time (generally a few months)...and the running WILL get easier. Your lungs will adjust.  Uncomfortable breathing is normal. Heavy Legs can be normal once in a while. Ligament or joint pain is not..don't push through an injury.  

KEEP IT FUN - Moms are busy and days can be pretty unpredictable with kids...sticking to a grueling training program won't do you any good if you barely have time for it.  Pace yourself, give yourself an out once in a while and keep it fun.  Running with friends or uploading your favorite Itunes can make ALL the difference.  

RUNNING IS 50% MENTAL - I think I like running so much, because I like to prove my mind wrong.  A big hill can psyche a person out...but you have to learn to shut those thoughts out and push through (as long as you aren't injured) It's like the story we all read to our kids..."I think I can, I think I can, I think I can"  We doubt ourselves far too much.  We ARE in fact very capable and can learn how to do anything we put our minds too!

Happy Running!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I made some bookmarks last week for an activity with our young women.  They were super easy and ended up being a great way to use up some scraps, so I though I would share some of the details.  First I cut 2 coordinating fabrics and a piece of heavyweight interfacing to 7.5 x 2.  Then I placed my fabrics wrong side together with the interfacing in the middle. I cut a 2 inch piece of ribbon and slid it in one end.  After that it was as easy as stitching around the edges and clipping with my pinking shears to minimize fraying.  Like I mentioned it is a great way to use scraps, but if you are making more than a couple, I would recommend getting a couple of fat quarters to make cutting a breeze.  I hope you are getting some spring sunshine this weekend!  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hey guys!  I'm gonna keep this short and sweet cuz I'm on a sewing kick and I'm at a pitstop on my current project so here goes....



V & CO.  WINNER...







Tallia Lewis!


The Passionista!

Congratulations Everyone!  Random Number Generator did all of the picking for me, I just wish I could give something to everyone.  I seriously love it.  Thanks guys!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Its HERE! Seriously Giveaway Day! {CLOSED}

Hello folks!  Have I kept you waiting in suspense long enough?  I'm really sorry about that but we had a sudden family funeral to attend in Idaho over the weekend, so I have been without the internet for a few days.  

Well a couple of weeks ago I reached 200 followers.  And I knew it was time for a giveaway.  Because I Seriously heart you and your kind comments and getting to know so many of you.  So I rounded up some of my favorite things.  Things I SERIOUSLY love.  And I'm giving them away.  Each giveaway has its own post so make sure to enter each one.  Cuz its good stuff.  Like, I'm jealous you guys are getting it, good stuff.  And because I had to go out of town quickly, I didn't get all of them done either.  So be on the lookout for more giveaways over the next few weeks.  

Here's the lowdown.  On each post you have several chances to win.  But you need to leave a comment for each entry.  The details are at the bottom of each post, but they are all about the same...

1.  Leave a comment.
2.  Follow Ruffled Sunshine {thats me} here.  Leave a comment telling me you do or now do.
3.  Follow our fabulous giveaway-ers wherever its says and come back and leave a comment.
4-?.  Use any form of spreading the love you like.  Twitter, Facebook, blogs, you know the drill.  Leave seperate comments for each one.  

All giveaways will end Monday Night.  And pretty please leave an email address if your email address isn't enabled on your profile.  I'm not gonna track you down, so make sure I can get a hold of you.  


THANK YOU!!! You are all amazing and I'm so happy you came along.  

Seriously Giveaway Day {Funky Vintage Lovely}CLOSED!!

Who doesn't love Funky.  Or Vintage.  Or Lovey?!  Well then you are gonna LOVE Funky Vintage Lovely.  {Formerly Funky Vintage Kitchen} My friend April is a doll, and after I added her earrings to my favorite jewelry post, she said :: Hey, if you love em, I know the fabulous people who love your blog will love them.::  And I happen to agree with her.  So April is giving away a pair of Blossom Rose studs in light blue.  For one of you!

But first can I tell you how much I like April?  She's a snazzy girl with great taste and I seriously heart her blog.  I love reading her Dear Dave and April series and think she's a pretty funny gal.  So what do you say, want to win?

Please visit The Funky Vintage Lovely, then come back here and leave a comment telling me why turquoise is your favorite color.  Or isn't, although I don't know why it wouldn't be :P.  

As always you can leave separate comments {i.e. more chances to win} if you do the following...

 +Follow, or become a follower of Ruffled Sunshine.   

+Follow along with April's Blog Funky Vintage Kitchen.

+ Tweet, blog, facebook about this giveaway.  Your choice.  Or do all three.  Either way, each one gets you another entry.  

AND just in case something else tickles your fancy while you are visiting April's shop, which I'm pretty sure it will, then you can also get 10% off your order by entering code SUNSHINE at checkout.  {excludes gift certificates and Pretty Little Lovelies club}



Seriously Giveaway Day {V& Co}CLOSED!

 I seriously love this pattern.  I've blogged about it.  I've pinned it on pinterest.  And someday I WILL have one in my size.  Vanessa is one talented lady who comes up with patterns that I go gaga for.  So when I started getting my favorite things together to give away I knew this pattern would have to be in the lineup.  Luckily Vanessa is as nice as she is talented and I didn't have to plead with her to give away one her  Houndstooth Quilt pattern.  I'm seriously jealous.  Do you know the drill yet?

Go check out the V & Co shop. She's got some great stuff in there!
Then come back here and tell me what colors you would do your houndstooth quilt in.

Then if you want some extra luck...

+Follow Ruffled Sunshine, leave a comment telling me you do.
+Love V and CO too?  Follow her BLOG and leave a comment telling me that you do.
+Tweet, blog or Facebook this giveaway.  Each one is worth an extra entry.  



Seriously Giveaway Day {Darin Warnick Photography}CLOSED!

{ i really couldn't pick so I chose some photos I hadn't shown you yet!}

I can't even tell you how much I SERIOUSLY love the guy behind Darin Warnick Photography.  He's pretty cute, he is the best dad evah, and happens to be a rock star.  {No serious.  He was in a band.}  Not to mention he's a dang good photographer.  I could go on and on but for your sake I wont.  I didn't know where to begin to pick just one photo to put on this post.  I mean, really there are THOUSANDS to pick from.  And thats just of Ivy.    Not only does he take amazing photos, he does video {remember the Hippies And Hearts?} puts up with my fancy ideas and has a successful photography workshop series : Level Up.    And for the record, Darin is kind of amazing at light.

What can I say I'm pretty lucky.  And you are too!  Its getting to be spring.  And that means its time for family photos.  It also means I get to give one lucky reader a photo session with Darin Warnick Photography.  Just like before, it helps if you are local to Tri Cities, but he's willing to travel, if you pay his expense to get there!  You have your choice of family photos, a senior session, even beauty shots!  I bet you could even get in on a workshop if that is what you would want.  And no I'm not giving him away.  He's mine. 

To win a photo session with Darin all you have to do is...

Leave a comment telling me how long its been since you've had your family photos done.  

::Extra entries::
(leave a comment for each one)

Follow Ruffled Sunshine {thats me}

Like Darin Warnick Photography on Facebook

Social Media {each one is an extra entry}



Seriously Giveaway Day {Blessed Little Nest}CLOSED!

Its no secret that I heart Heather.  She is a big inspiration to me and she has the hugest heart.   I love watching her grow and work on making her life lovelyI could go on and on about why I like her and why you should too. But did you know that this girl has MAD design skills?  

{all images via Blessed Little Nest}

Yeah, I thought you might recognize some of those.  Not to mention Heathers fun design on her own blog.  {Which changes every once in a while just like someone else I know. :)}

Well, since I can't give away Heather as one of my favorite things, how about your very own Blessed Little Nest design?  Heather will be giving one ultra lucky person a Blog Header {$25 value} of their very own!  Your blog will be the talk of the town when she gets her hands on it.   {Sometime in May, yeah she's THAT busy!}

So pretty please show Heather some love!  To enter go visit Heather, I promise you won't be sorry, then come back here and leave a comment telling me how you have been making your life lovely lately.  

Of course if you...

+Follow or become a follower of Ruffled Sunshine leave another comment

+Follow or become a follower of Blessed Little Nest... leave a comment

+Tweet, blog or Facebook this giveaway.  Leave comments for each one.  

Almost every giveaway I've had, it was the extra comments that won.  I promise its worth it. 



Seriously Giveaway Day {Good Day Shop}CLOSED!

Remember my Valentines Print roundup?  Well I'm looking forward to the trees looking like that middle one there.  The one with all the leaves.  Like its spring.  Sigh.  Soon enough.  But until then I like looking at this cute little print that reminds me that Love can grow anywhere.  And it grows in my house.  Do you want a print to remind you that love grows in your house? 

 Teresa from The Good Day Shop is giving away a super cute  5x7 Love Grows Here print to a lucky reader.  Is it you?  

Leave a comment telling me if you have seen any signs of spring in your neck of the woods!  

Same extra entry rules apply...



Seriously Giveaway Day {Root Cases}CLOSED!

One of my favorite parts about owning an eco friendly store is finding all the cool products out there that would be a good fit for Greenies. I stumbled upon Root Cases and knew that it would be a fun addition to Greenies.  What makes a cool find even better is when you find out that the company is run by even cooler people that just happen to go to the same college you did.  And they do things like plant a tree for every case sold, and that they are a part of 1% For The Planet.  

Root Cases is giving one of you lucky folks a bamboo IPHONE 4 case {thats a $59 phone case folks}.
Want to win?!
Leave a comment telling me your favorite way to help the planet.

Of course you can always follow me here, like Root Cases on Facebook or follow either of us on twitter. {leaving a comment telling me about each one you did}



Thursday, March 10, 2011

{Project: Craft}

Are you coming?  If you missed out last time, I hope you can come this time.  I'll be opening the doors of Greenies once again to let Lindsay + Danyelle throw us another party.  If you aren't feeling crafty enough, just think of it as...Project: fab evening full of handmade goodness, sweet company and an opportunity to make new friends. Plus, just maybe it could be the perfect opportunity to learn something new.  I'm really looking forward to seeing you there.

{So hurry over and buy your tickets HERE!}

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{Coming Soon}

Hello!  Ok I know consistency is NOT my strong point.  Ivy and I were able to go Portland for a long weekend and of course I didn't take a single picture.  It was really fun though and can you believe I even saw the sun shining while I was there?!  I'm still catching up on things around the house, but I wanted to stop in and give you a little teaser.  I've been rounding up some of my favorite things to give away and I'm getting pretty excited, and a little jealous since I really want to just win them all myself.  Because well, they are my favorite things!  Oooh aren't you excited?  

Talk to you soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lil Sweetie

There isn't much that can get my lil sweetie to smile more than a cupcake. Especially one with yummy pink frosting. There isn't much that can make me smile more that my lil sweetie. 

{p.s. Do you know any kids that actually eat the cake?  Or do they all just like the frosting?!}

::Dress...Perfect Party Dress Pattern modified by me.
::Photo Template...Pugly Pixel


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Learn Something New

Last week I finally learned how to crochet. I've always figured it was something I couldn't learn because being a lefty does have its limitations.  You really should see me cut.  But imagine my surprise when I actually tried it.  And I actually got it.  And I actually crocheted a halfway descent washcloth.  Moral of my story?  Try something new.  You might surprise yourself, and you'll be really glad you did.  


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