Monday, March 28, 2011

Gave It My Best Shot

So I tried, really I did.  But that running thing?  It's not for me.  I got through 5 weeks of the Couch to 5K.  And then one day I went to the gym and I even got on the treadmill for 15 minutes.  Then I thought...


 I dread it.  I am NOT having fun.  Yes, even after getting better and running farther, I still hate this.  So I hopped off the treadmill and hit the elliptical... for 45 minutes.  Pretty much enjoyed every non "running" second of it.  So I'm heading back to my bodyflow class, hitting up Zumba and I'm racing to the window every morning to see if I can ride my bike yet. 
HOWEVER. If running is your thing and you want to still train for a race I've got just the thing for you.  Remember my friend Celeste?  Well she's back to help you with some training tips for you to motivate you! Thanks Celeste!

Jenn asked if I'd share some tips on training for a race since some of you crafty women are working on that area of fitness this year.  I'm actually doing a training program for a local school district 5k program here in Ohio and thought I'd share with you some tips.

INCREASE YOUR MILEAGE SLOWLY - This is to avoid injury (planter fasciitis, shin splints etc..) and overtraining (extreme fatigue). The general rule of thumb is to increase weekly only by 10%-20%.  Start off your program with your base distance.  If 3 miles is the most you have run in a WEEK, then the next week you should run at the most between 3.3 and 3.6. 

QUALITY vs QUANTITY - It's more important to get a quality workout in than quantity.  More miles is not necessarily better for you.  You DON'T have to run everyday to be prepared for a race.  3-4 times a week is great.  Especially if you are smart with your workouts. Change them up.  Have a long slow day, hard short distance day or interval day each week.

FORM and LEG TURNOVER make a difference - Ever notice how effortlessly an olympic distance runner runs?  This is because they have the biomechanics down and their lungs are in excellent shape.  The more efficient your form is, the less energy you expend, the easier it is to run.  If you think your running form needs some some youtube videos on "Proper Running Form" when you get it will become natural and you will save a lot of energy and unnecessary pounding on the knees. Have a friend observe you.  Your feet should land softly and the back should not be straight up and down. 

FUEL - Generally, eat a meal within 1.5-2 hours before a run or a pre workout snack within an hour.  Eat a post snack (protein and carbs) after a hard run within 30 min after to help the muscles recover quicker.  Chocolate Milk or a peanut butter sandwich is an excellent post snack.

NEW TO RUNNING?  Give yourself time (generally a few months)...and the running WILL get easier. Your lungs will adjust.  Uncomfortable breathing is normal. Heavy Legs can be normal once in a while. Ligament or joint pain is not..don't push through an injury.  

KEEP IT FUN - Moms are busy and days can be pretty unpredictable with kids...sticking to a grueling training program won't do you any good if you barely have time for it.  Pace yourself, give yourself an out once in a while and keep it fun.  Running with friends or uploading your favorite Itunes can make ALL the difference.  

RUNNING IS 50% MENTAL - I think I like running so much, because I like to prove my mind wrong.  A big hill can psyche a person out...but you have to learn to shut those thoughts out and push through (as long as you aren't injured) It's like the story we all read to our kids..."I think I can, I think I can, I think I can"  We doubt ourselves far too much.  We ARE in fact very capable and can learn how to do anything we put our minds too!

Happy Running!


  1. We don't all have the same interests so it make sense that we shouldn't all have to LOVE the same form of exercise, (or feel guilty about it:) if you enjoy it, it will have alot greater staying power. That's cool that you still had Celeste post even though running isnt your thing for the time being :)

  2. At least you tried! The only thing that keeps me at it is seeing the results and pushing myself mentally. That makes it all worth it in the end. Hope you can get some good sunshiny bike riding in soon!

  3. if you want to give it another shot I started running again last week Mon Wed Fri at 6:45 : )

  4. rad that you like bodyflow. my friend sarah teaches a bodyflow class at lifequest! she's a rad person. so sweet.
    as for the running thing, i USED to love to run. in recent years i've realized that i'm not that person anymore. i kinda miss that person in me, but at the same time, i can't bring myself to be her anymore. kinda breaks my heart in a weird way. but at the same time, i'm okay with not running. what i need to do instead of just being okay with not running, is to find something i enjoy doing to fill that void instead of allowing the 'do-nothing' mindset to fill that void for me.
    anyhow, wanted to send a hello & a hug from someone else not anywhere near a treadmill. ::hugs::

    as for the treadmill itself? yeah, have NEVER been able to hack the mill....i always lose my balance and fall off. always. and it's okay, you can laugh cause each time it's QUITE comical.
    happy wednesday. hope you get to ride your bike soon!


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