Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sweethearts Dance 2- The photographer (he's good lookin!)

I hired a photographer for the dance.  He did a really great job and I even got to dance with him a couple of times!
This was Darin's set up in the overflow.  He set up a backdrop and floor.  It was just a bit squished but he had a line out the door the whole evening.
We got some props like this big red flower,
and a red feather boa.
We had this big red frame too but Darin only used it a couple of times since it was a little big for the space.

Even though I didn't get to hang out with my husband much on our Valentine's date it was fun to see him enjoy himself.  He did an awesome job.  Thanks Darin!



  1. he was great! and the props were perfect in keeping with your motif. but then again so were your red pumps! lol. =)
    thanks again for a great night.

  2. Oh I love the props and the pictures are awesome! What a fun night! I bet everyone loved having their picture taken!

  3. You two are sure an awesome team. I am so proud and impressed with all you did for this event. I am sure everyone will remember that evening for a very long time. GOOD JOB!


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