Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweethearts Dance

I got asked to be the decorating committee for our stakes Sweethearts Dance that was February 13th.  Do you know how hard it is to decorate a huge stake center?!  Since the gym is so HUGE I decided to go for really big stuff so I wouldn't have to do so much.  First up dropping the ceiling using lights.
We made a grid with wire around the outside and down the middle and strung lights across.  It was like a floating ceiling and very cool.
of course pictures don't really do it justice
I hung large japanese lanterns from Ikea and tissue paper pompoms in the middle.  Yes people were wearing prom dresses and tuxedos!
I used this fabric on the tables and initially for runners but they got used as a drape kind of thing.
I got it from Hawthorne Threads which is awesome.  I ordered it on a Saturday and it came all the way from New York and got here(Washington) on Monday!  I was super impressed with them.  I ordered six yards.  I then cut 26 inch squares off of one side for table squares and used the long strip left to make two runners. 

So I can't find any more pictures but I put red japanese lanterns on the tables as centerpieces and had these backdrop things in the corners.  If you can picture it it was draped white fabric with the runners on the top.  It kind of looked like curtains.  We also made some chandeliers which I'm gonna have to do a seperate post about cuz they were cool.  Now you know why I've had the black, white and red on my mind for the last 2 months! 



  1. jenn, i must say, it was magnificent!
    i didn't realize you were in charge of that aspect while darin was shooting. very very cool! i was commenting to my hubby how awesome it all looked. the wire grid we'd planned on doing for our ward's vintage prom in the spring, only with fishing line & crepe paper streamers like crazy. great minds, that all i'm saying. keep up your awesome creativity. totally loving it! =)

  2. I wish I could have seen it in person. I love the creativity and smart idea of bringing the lights down. So cool. I love the lanterns too! Great Job!


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