Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ruffle Week!

So my three favorite things right now are ruffles, chipotle and avocados.  We are eating an avocado a day and ruffles are showing up on just about everything I'm making these days.  I've been slacking on my posts but I have a ton of stuff to show you so I'm going to post a "ruffle-ing my stuff" post every day this week.  I'll even throw in some recipes here and there of my favorite ways to eat avocados and chipotle!  Aren't you so excited! ;)

I updated this white cardigan with some ruffles probably 3 weeks ago.  I'm trying to be a little bit fancier with my clothes ( I guess that is what happens when you are 30!) and with ruffles being all the rage and SO easy to embellish with its perfect!
I took a strip of fabric that was 4 inches wide by 22 inches long.  Folded it in half rights sides together and sewed.  Turn it right side out and press with the seam to the back.
Then I ruffled it up to the length I wanted.
On the side with the buttons I pinned the ruffle right next to the buttons.
On the side with the button holes I pinned it to the very edge and sewed very close to the edge being careful not to sew over the button holes.  
And there you go a fancy new sweater in no time and no money later! 


  1. You looked very nice at church yesterday. LOVE the ruffle cardi!

  2. You looked adorable yesterday...I knew you had done that sweater! Did you do the skirt too?

  3. cute!
    did you cut your hair, btw?
    you hair was lovely before, but this
    looks adorable & refreshing.
    keep up the cuteness!

  4. Ah thanks guys. Yes Karen I did make my skirt too. And yes Keely I did cut my hair, but not as much as that picture suggests!


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