Friday, June 4, 2010

Farmer's Market Day

The weather hasn't been very summer like around here.  But look at those berries!  Nothing says its time for summer like that. 
The Richland Farmer's Market started today.  It is literally right outside Greenies door.
It is the highlight of my week in the summer.  I love all of the gorgeous colors and fabulous smells,
and the interesting people selling their wares.
I love how it is different every week, as the season passes.   
There are some new vendors this year which I am excited about too.  
Um yeah, aren't those almost too pretty to eat?!  Yep, almost.  

What is your favorite treat at the farmer's market?!



  1. love your photos - bring on the fresh kettlecorn!

  2. ah! would've loved to have been through there today. was all wrapped up in the vet situation today. =( perhaps i'll have time next week. ::fingers crossed::

  3. So, as you know, I have been gone and have missed having the internet. Thanks for sharing the fun pics of the market. Hopefully I will get there next week, since this week I am helping with the wedding for Jennifer. I love all the photos you take.


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