Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Picnic Table Date

For our date night one night {oh...2 months ago!} Darin and I built Ivy a picnic table from Knock Off Wood.  It actually turned out to be really fun AND we got it built in about 2 hours.  Not bad considering thats how long it takes to put any other piece for furniture that you get from Target together!  
The instructions were descent and I think the only thing we could have done different was to have clamps.  But it doesn't wobble which makes it perfect to me!  I will say that it cost a little bit more than the  $15 dollars she said it would since we had to buy all of the screws and a square, plus the paint was on the spendy side.
After Darin and I put it together Ivy and I primed it out on the grass.  She had such a great time painting it.  I just had to follow around behind her to wipe up drips.
I even got a good enough picture to print out!

That is when I got my Valspar Crystal Aqua paint.  I used outdoor semi gloss so I can just hose it down after Ivy eats half of a watermelon!  I distressed the edges but didn't stain them since I knew it would be outside and get that look naturally.  
 Here you can see the only way we strayed from the plans is to use 1x8's for the seats instead of the two 1x3's so that kids didn't get arms or legs pinched. It was a fun project.  It might have been cheaper just to buy one from Target when all was said and done.  But now we have something we all worked on and I love it that much more!



  1. turned out perfect! have been anticipating a post on this sweet picnic table. i vaguely remember something about it a while back...maybe from facebook. but anyhow, turned out charming. especially that crystal aqua color. so lovely & quaint. :)
    here's to oodles of watermelon to be enjoyed by ivy!!!

  2. I love this post! How fun that you made it a family project.

  3. Very cute! I love the color. We bought an old picnic table from our neighbors and I'm going to be fixing it up a bit and was thinking about a color just like that. How fun for Ivy!

  4. So that's what you were doing that night I drove by! It looks adorable. A perfect summer perch for Miss Ivy!


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