Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Laney!

Did you know that we bought Greenies off of Craigs List?  Kind of a crazy way to buy a business, and it is all thanks to Darin's sister Ellayne.  She had been campaigning to get us to move to Tri Cities for years.  So when she finally found something that would work for us we took the opportunity and ran.  Ok so there is more to it than that but Ellayne set it all in motion.   She's awesome.  Ellayne's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and as soon as I saw this I knew it would be exactly the perfect for her gift.  She LOVES Christmas, couponing {crazy good at it too} and she has five kids- hence the planning ;).

What better way to spend a cozy evening curled up with your ads, writing your Christmas lists and planning your black friday attack than with a Christmas planner and some cute slippers?! Throw in some hot chocolate and Bing Crosby and its the perfect way to relax at the end of the day.  

Aren't these slippers so cute?  They are flannel lined and have some snowflake traction on the bottom. 

The rosettes just make me smile and almost made me keep them .

These Christmas planners are so fun.  The ribbon ties are key if you have little sneaks around.  Although you might need to padlock the ties if they are a little bit bigger sneaks.  

On the inside flaps there is one envelope for coupons and one for receipts.  

The planner has four tabs.  Starting with The List.  

1.  The List  2.  Calender  3.  Menus  4.  Notes

I found an awesome weekly calender and started it on November 1st and it goes all the way through January 1.   She won't miss a beat!  Happy Birthday Laney!

On another note, can you believe that we are already two weeks in to November?!  Does anyone have a good idea to slow down the next 2 months?  


  1. umm, i love those slippers. like a lot!!

  2. Love the planner! My mom would love one of those. I think I need to make one for her. (and maybe one for me as well)

    And those slippers are darling! Want to take some paid orders for some?! Really, those are so cute.

    You blow me away with all the things you come up with.

  3. I was thinking the same exact things as Sarah. Love all of your stuff! And yeah, really...are you going to take orders for those slippers?


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