Monday, November 1, 2010

My Dragon, uh I mean Princess...

My little girl was going to be a dragon for Halloween.   Or more specifically Toothless.   She decided two months ago and hadn't waffled one bit.  She loved telling Grandma's and Grandpas at Costco, and everyone else that she was a dragon. 

Until Friday night. 

We were at her cousins house and Ivy fell in love with a "Belle" dress.  Like gaga.  She wouldn't take it off.  Begged her aunt Laney to borrow it.  She even wanted to wear it to bed.  The next day I tried to talk her in to the dragon costume, with no such luck.  And since I'm learning which battles to pick with this one, I knew it wasn't worth the fight. 

Luckily, I am a good mom {really I am!} and knew that she would pick the princess dress.  So I stayed up  late Friday night and fixed it a little bit.  I added the pick-ups using elastic thread to really get the Belle effect.  I patched a few holes and ironed it so it would be ready for my little princess... 

...who loved it.  And since she had been waiting EVER so patiently for Halloween to come she got to go trick or treating three times on Saturday. 

But just like last year she had way more fun handing out the candy. 
In her dragon costume. 

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  1. that last toothless photo is by far MY favorite. but hey, when you've got a princess, you've got a princess. funny though that she wanted to pass out candy as a dragon. what a card! (:


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