Monday, December 27, 2010

New Horizons

I am constantly blown away by the talented people here in Tri Cities.  And then they always take it one step further and give so willingly of their talents.  My friend Meg put together an amazing experience for local photographers to help out some girls at the New Horizons school.  Darin was able to go behind the scenes and capture the whole experience in video.  It was an amazing experience for everyone involved and I'm so lucky to have such fabulous friends.  {And a pretty amazing husband.}  You can read more about their experience HERE.   Check out the video below to catch a glimpse of a special day.



  1. What a beautiful project! The girls all looked so beautiful!!

  2. That is awesome! Very talented women!

  3. What a cool project. Nice job Darin!

  4. That was awesome. Loved it! Great job to everyone involved.

  5. yeah, when i saw this on facebook i was speechless! this is a fabulous project. all who were involved should know how very special this was. having been a teen mom, i know great wonderful it is to go from feeling worthless or looked down upon, to feeling amazing. THAT is the greatest gift ever!


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