Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glitter Hearts make me happy.

How do you like my newish digs {again}?  I can't help it.  I just have too much fun, trying out new stuff and the holidays just need to be decorated!  I've got a little valentine project to share, but I wanted to point out a couple of things real quick.  I've been cleaning things up and working on adding pages, so those big words over there will take you to things like how to get a hold of me, my shop, blogs I like to look at... stuff like that.

I also had a moment of crazy the other day and signed up for twitter.  I have no idea what I'm doing on there, but I would love for you to come and follow along with me, and I'll follow you too!  My handle{?} is @ruffledsunshine. Do you say handle in the twitter world?! See. Crazy.  I need twitter lessons.

I'm slowly learning that Valentines Day is a holiday you have to get a jump on.  If you don't it sneaks up on you and then you are scrambling.  I got a little push the other day when I got to help style a  Valentines photo shoot.  I can't wait to show you how it turned out.  It was kind of really amazing. 

{oooh,  a sneak peak ; P }
Since there has been very little crafting going on here at this blog I thought i would share one of the little things I came up with. 
 Ready to get your heart on?

At Christmas we got a slice of a tree from Darin's Grandpa.  I got to brand it and everything.  It was all very exciting.  And now its perfect for the photoshoot.

I cut a heart out of vinyl on my Silhouette.  I didn't use the heart though, I used the negative space as a stencil.  Vinyl is awesome that way.  I love it when things pull double duty.  

Place your stencil on your wood, or whatever you are stenciling. Make sure and seal the edges really well, especially if you are using paint.  

I've been feeling all of the sparkly stuff lately so I went for mod podge and glitter on this one.  Paint your mod podge on pretty thick then dump on some glitter.  Joann's has started having some holiday colors of glitter in their dollar section.  I love it because I don't have to try so hard to save every speck of my $5 glitter.  Once it has dried a bit dump off your excess glitter and then mod podge OVER your glitter.  I know it looks scary but it does dry clear.  I promise.

After it dries, take off your stencil and you're done!  Its a simple project, but I love how the glitter and wood go together.  Two things that aren't necessarily supposed to be together, but get along so fabulously. 


See glitter hearts make you happy too.


  1. Jenn, that glitter heart on wood is so cute and something I am definitely going to do with my girls!


    And yes, twitter handle is the appropriate term. I think Twitter is so much fun, and I like it so much better than Facebook. I can't quit Facebook because there's no denying that it's the best place to spread information, but Twitter is definitely more FUN!

    I will happily give you lessons or answer any questions you have!

  2. Will you come make my blog over? Seriously. I wish I knew how to do what you do when it comes to this blog design stuff...(hint, hint)

    Love glitter, love the heart.

  3. i heart your new BIG WORDS and i heart your glitter heart. cannot WAIT to see more shots from the Vday shoot you mentioned above. sounds more than intriguing....and considering the trailer in the background? yep. can't wait for more! :)


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