Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! Love, Joy's Hope

Hello friends! I hope that you all have a fabulous Mother's Day weekend!  I'm feeling nervous but good about my talk on Sunday. Thanks so much for the kind thoughts and prayers this week.  I'm so blessed to know so many great people who love and encourage me.  Now if we could all pray that I can NOT cry so people can understand me I think it might go ok!
My friend Julie from Joys Hope is here with a last minute Mother's Day note for you.  Julie pretty much rocks and I can't wait to eat cupcakes and spray paint things with her in September.  She is the best example of being truly GOOD and I'm so glad to have her stop by.  Take it away lady...

Mother's Day is a beautiful holiday to celebrate the women in our lives that give so much.

That make us who we are.

To be celebrated by the little ones with whom we are entrusted to grow, mold and shape into brilliant, stunning, adults.

But I haven't always felt that way.

After the loss of our first daughter, I wanted to wipe the entire day off of the calendar.  I was a mother without a child.  How could I celebrate?

Thankfully a kind, thoughtful, and generous couple from our church sent us off on a weekend getaway.

For those few days, just to be away from the pain and crushing reminder, was such a gift.

Their goodness to us in our grief, deeply changed me.  It has made me think about those who face this coming Sunday with sorrow and dread.

Those who are separated from their children, be it from loss, or distance.

Those who feel the loss of their own mothers even more acutely.

Those longing for a the laughter of a little one to fill their home.

Those on the journey through the adoption process, be it nearby or oceans away.

Those who need to be remembered.  Thought of.  Comforted.  In simple tangible ways.

A phone call.  A note.  A hug.  A cupcake.  A little bouquet of flowers.

An affirmation of the beauty that they are as a mother.  As a daughter.

Who can you remember and bless tomorrow?

I asked sweet Heather from Life Made Lovely to make this sweet printable card.

Print it out and surprise someone in need with love and thoughtfulness on their porch.

You might never know how very much, such a simple thing could mean.

Have a beautiful Mother's Day friends.

  Thank you, thank you Julie!  Happy Mothers Day to you too sweet friend.


  1. so sweet. beautiful idea, julie. thank you.

  2. wow, this was just lovely. I had never truly thought of all the others hurting...thank you so much for the much needed kick in the 'hiney' and I love the printable card...yeah!

  3. i just clicked over here from julies it girl! I already know who i am going to surprise!!!!


  4. absolutely beautiful. what a sweet and wonderful way to remember ALL moms and daughters

  5. so sweet. Thank you.

  6. As a mother of one on earth, two in heaven and currently in the process of adoption, I thank you for bringing attention to the mothers who hurt and dread this holiday. Much love and many blessings.

  7. I'm here visiting from Julie's blog- what a great and touching post, and an excellent reminder to reach out especially to those who are grieving.

  8. What a lovely idea and a great reminder to think of others.


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