Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Two weeks ago I loaded up my truck with our bike trailer and a bunch of decorations and returned to my hometown.  The trailer was so we could cruise with my favorite bike riding company and the decorations were for my little brother.  Well more for my Mom, but to celebrate my brother and new sister {in law}.   Ivy talked to me the whole. way.  there.   I think I smiled the whole way there. 

My brother got married.  He is lucky.  She is a special woman.  Perfect for him.

They got married the same place I did.  Ten years ago.  I watched them and I smiled, thinking to myself... I remember how they feel.   

Which of course made me feel just a little bit old.  Just a little bit.  I caught sight of my husband that I am married to forever and I smiled to myself.  I don't feel old when I look at him.  I love him.  He is perfect for me.

I smiled the whole day.  


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