Friday, December 2, 2011

InstaFriday. 12.2.11

Hello InstaFriday I have missed you!  I kept meaning to say I was thankful for you during my 30 days.  I guess you can count this as catching up from Day 26 or something!  I heart you and your earlybirds and your ease of use with other apps like Phonto and PicFrame.

Wanna see what we have been up to over the last month?  Don't worry I put them in collages so you don't have to scroll forever.  {Picnik is FABULOUS for that by the way}.  Look for sneak peaks of my advent calendar that I'll be posting later today!

Craft fairs are not for procrastinators.  I'm just sayin.   But in the end it was a success.  Even with all of the snow we had that day and 600 less people than last year. Afterwards I set up shop in Greenies. If you are local stop by and check it out!  There is some fun stuff for Christmas presents!

1. Thanksgiving Family night with bingo, hand turkeys and hot chocolate. 2.  Watching the Oregon Civil War with my sis.  I love that we love football.  3.  Stacks and stacks of pretty fall colors.  4.  Trying my hand at homemade caramels.  Two words.  Sea salt.  5.  Happy Thanksgiving!  6.  I made 6 dozen rolls for Thanksgiving with the extended family.  There were 90 people there!  7.  Wii party with my bro and new sis.  Ahh the newlyweds.  Thanks for coming guys!  8.  My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers and the cranberries.  I just don't like my cranberries to touch anything!  9.  Last year on Thanksgiving we had a snowstorm.  This year it was 70 degrees the day before!  There are pros and cons to both.

We pulled out our quiver of snowboards {I think we own 10} to get ready for the snow season.  Ivy can't wait to try it out this year.  

Christmas is in full swing at our house.  Is it at yours?

1.  My favorite silhouette shape.  2.  On a pillow.  3.  Ivy never lets me do her hair  unless I distract her with new games on the Ipad.  4.  Me being emo.  5.  Working on my advent calendar.  6.  Santa's little helper putting up the decorations.  7.  My silhouette has been working overtime to get my advent done.
8.  I heart buffalo check.  9.  Ivy loves her some eggnog.  I'll have to show you the video of her drinking it.   We get the light AND mix it with fat free milk.  10.  Merry + Bright.  11.  An instagram of my instagrams,  ordered from PostalPix for Christmas presents. 12.  Have you snagged a bag of the peppermint marshmallows yet?!  So good as rice krispie treats, and just right for hot chocolote.  13. Merry Christmas.  14.  Little girl is growing up,  she wasn't even scared at all.  Too bad she asked for a pony.  15.  A bag of these little cuties only lasts a few days around here.  16.  We couldn't bear to wrap up all our Christmas books so we just stuck them all under the tree to read to our hearts content.

We hit up Costco the other day.  We steered clear of it during Thanksgiving so we needed to get the essentials.  We also happened to need gas.  Ivy kept me entertained with Peek a boo while we sat in line.  Apparently Costco is still busy after Thanksgiving.  

Thank you Insta Gram and Insta Friday for capturing the everyday of our everyday!


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