Monday, December 5, 2011

Service Advent Ideas

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Coming up with 25 days of service projects can be hard work!  We made our service advents with 14 and 15 year old girls so a lot of the ideas we came up with were fairly simple, and a lot were repeated.  But I thought I would share some of our ideas with you and some that I added to mine in case you were a little stumped for ideas.

Doing someone's elses chore for the day.
Making dinner
Cleaning out closets and donating clothes.
Donating coats for the coat drive.
Make cookies and take them to someone who could use cheering up.
Visit an elderly friend or neighbor and talk to them about their Holiday traditions.
Visit someone who is sick.
Give a meal or gift card to the homeless
Write a thank you note to your parents
Do something to help out a teacher at school
Buy a book for the Joyful Life Library
Donate toys or blankets to a shelter
Secret Santa for a less active girl at church
Babysit so parents or a friend can go Christmas Shopping
Play a game with younger siblings
Visit a nursing home 
Read the Christmas story from the bible to younger siblings
Toys for Tots or similar
Ask your bishop or church leader for ideas of who could use a little help
Missionary/Military letters or packages
Litter clean up
Clean someone's car
Open the door for someone
Pay It Forward
Donate Blood
Donate food to the food bank
Send someone a letter in the mail
Help serve at a soup kitchen or similar

Hope that helps!  What are some of your service ideas?!


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