Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The P90x Results Are In

I told you guys a month ago that I only had one week left of P90x.  I've had some emails with questions about it so I thought I'd share my results and my thoughts on it in case you are wanting to give it a whirl.

First up here's my results.  I'm not quite brave enough to put my measurements out there for the whole world to see, this is scary enough, but here's how I finished up.

K.  The weight I lost all in the first month.  I've stayed the same weight since then but my body measurements have gotten smaller so I look to that as a gauge more than the scale.  I would urge the same for anyone.  I think it has definitely helped to weigh myself more regularly but it isn't the most important number.  I will say that when I started I hadn't weighed myself in a long time and I cried when I did the first time.  I hadn't weighed that much in a long time {like 12 years} and it definitely gave me the motivation I needed.  

The inches I lost in my hips was the best part, but I still have a ways to go in that area.   I definitely store any extra weight in my lower half {thats why I am showing you this rockin picture of my arms HA!}  I feel like I am getting thinner from the head down and the feet up, so my butt especially is still a work in progress.  

All right here's some answers to your questions about P90x.

 *My trusty workout partner and I did the lean version of the program which has more of the cardio dvds and not so much weightlifting. Not so much as in you do a million pushups instead.  The 13 weeks are split in to 3 four week sets so you change up the videos you are doing every four weeks with an "easy" week in between each set.  I would recommend the lean schedule if want a descent mix of cardio and strength training.  Although I would change up the last four weeks of the program if I was going to do it again so that it included a bit more leg work.

*The workouts are hard but not the hardest thing ever, promise. If you are just getting back in to exercising its awesome.  Should I have some medical disclaimer inserted here?!  I think the hardest part actually is the time commitment.  You need at least an hour every day.  I really like to do yoga and pilates but yoga day was my least favorite, mostly because it was 90+ minutes.  And that meant I had to get up even earlier.  Ugh.

  *The Legs + Back video, and the Core Synergystics video are my two favorites probably. I would incorporate those two in to a regular workout routine.   Ultimately what I got from P90x is its just like Tony says... you hate it, but you love it.

*I didn't follow the diet but I did start eating healthier.  I would have had more dramatic results I'm sure if I was more of a stickler on my diet.  I'm really starting to believe that its true what they say about it being 70% diet and 30% exercise.

*The biggest benefit has been how much more energy I have and my dedication has spilled over in to other parts of my life.  My house is cleaner, I'm getting more sleep, I'm happier, I'm more patient and my relationships are better.  In the end I think it came down to a change of attitude and determination for me.  Whether it was p90x or something else it was time for me to get my butt moving.  This just happened to work right for me at the right time.

{this is in no way affiliated with p90x just a normal girls thoughts about it}


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