Thursday, March 15, 2012

Simple Spring Garland

 My sweet holiday loving little girl deserves spring decorations right? Even when her mom just doesn't love spring decorations.  But when I saw these fun colored plastic eggs at Target I knew we could compromise and add a fun garland to Ivy's room.  

A craft can't get much easier than this simple spring garland. It was a perfect rainy day activity for us.  The eggs already have holes in the ends and everything.  All you will need is...

plastic eggs {mine were $2 for a big bag at Target}

Have little hands help you take apart your eggs and then you can start stringing them together.   Ivy came up with a pattern and was great at keeping them in order.   If the holes weren't quite punched all the way through, all I had to do was take a pencil and poke the hole to make room for the string.  Once you have the length of garland you want, knot the ends of your string and hang it where you want.  

We hung ours in Ivy's room along with her bunny garland she made.  I used Dana's Peeps bunting pattern and imported it in to my Silhouette.  Then I used the Silhouette to cut out some bunnies using white cardstock and gave them to Ivy to color.  I love all of the smiling faces!  After that we punched some holes and strung them together.  Almost as simple as the egg garland and just as fun to do together. 

Ivy thinks the only thing better would be if the eggs were filled with candy! 



  1. Adorbbbbs!!! Love this especially with the pretty plastic eggs!

  2. Thanks Jenn! Anika is so excited to make these.

  3. So very cute!! I hope you will link up to my Hippity Hop Easter Project Hop.


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