Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to grow grass in a can

Do you remember growing grass in a cup when you were little?  Its easy and perfect for teaching how things grow.  A little dirt, a little sunshine and some water and you have results in just a couple days!  Ivy has been faithfully checking how her grass is growing every morning.  Its even ready for a haircut!

All you need for this simple project is a couple of things you probably already have at your house, and a $3 bag of grass seed from the store.  We used tuna fish cans and some dirt from our empty planters outside.  {We are still waiting for that warm weather} Add some dirt to your can, then sprinkle a couple teaspoons of grass seeds on top.  Put your cans in a sunny spot, add a little bit of water and watch your grass grow!  

To cutify our cans a bit I cut strips of scrapbook paper 1.5 inches by 12 and wrapped the paper around the can.  I used double sided tape to adhere it to the can.   This step is easiest before you add the dirt to your cans.

After the grass grew tall enough to use as decoration we spread them around the house.  I took two small skewer sticks and made a little bunting with these two.  Just tie some string between the two sticks and cut some banners.  I  folded the tops over about a half inch and set them on the twine.  Its an easy way to decorate for spring!

If you want to get fancy you can also grow wheatgrass as decoration too.  Ours is just getting long enough to clip and start adding to our morning smoothies.  Wheat grass is just as simple to grow, using the same steps as above, but with hard wheat from your food storage.  If you don't have any hard wheat you can find the seeds at your local health food stores {sometimes called wheat berries} or online.  The only extra step is to cover your seeds lightly with dirt after you plant them.  Keep it watered lightly and in about 10 days you have wheatgrass to use as decoration and to add to all those green smoothies.  

Hope spring has sprung where you are!


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  1. That is the CUTEST thing ever. I love the scrapbook paper you picked. And the flags inbetween. Adorable! I want to plant some grass in one of my strawberry boxes, and put it in the back of a toy truck...still needs to be done.


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