Monday, May 14, 2012

Done & Done! Insanity Final Results

Hallelujah we are finally finished!  I should of taken a photo of us almost throwing up at the end of our fit test this morning!  Who knew 8 minutes of exercise could be so hard.  I was nervous to take my measurements this morning but it was a happy surprise to see good results.
Here are the totals for the 10 weeks.  Now that its all said and done I have to say that it obviously works.  The food was the key for me this time.  I've been doing so well, but I've decided summer is way harder than winter when it comes to eating good.  

I celebrated being done by getting some new workout pants and having an ice cream cone! See summer is way harder to eat well.  Hopefully I can stay strong.  So its back to the grind tomorrow.  It will be our first day to pick what we want to do in 6 months so we are headed outside to hike Badger Mountain.  I've also got to get ready for that 5k I told you about.  I'm thinking another round of the hundred pushup challenge is in order.  

Happy Monday!



  1. You ROCKED that session girlie!! Shed 6 pounds in 10 weeks?! You GO girl! That is one hard insane workout, so kudos to you for getting through 10 hard weeks! Ice cream cone well deserved ;)

  2. That is awesome! Good for you! I'd say an ice cream cone was in order!

  3. Wow, I heard about insanity and it doesn't seem easy. It is wonderful that you have lost weight. I wanted to start some sort of program as well. Best of luck to you.

    Ps what font did you use for your journal?


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