Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ruffled Sunshine Summer Essentials

What?!  There are still two whole months of summer left so don't look at me like I should be giving you fall essentials.  Here are my faves from this summer.  

1.  Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops.  The most comfortable flips evah.
2.  Mighty Mango.  I have some shade of pink on my toes all summer long.  Right now its neon.
3.  I finally used up my huge stock of lotion.  I got this one from Pink and la la love it.  Sad face its not available online but your local VS might still have it.
4.  A brand new worn out sweatshirt is my fave.  June Gloom by billabong.  I got mine at TJMaxx for $18 so check there first
5.  This stuff will rock your socks.  Big Sexy Hair Powder Play volumizing powder.  My friend Steph gave it to me to try.  Get it.  You will love it.
6.  My go to skirt, black + white stripes from Target.  If you are lucky you might find one in stores.  


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