Thursday, August 30, 2012

A love note for Ivy.

Do you forgive me for one more post about kindergarten?  But sometimes I wonder if doing things like this is going to be the only time I do them so I want to love every second of it.  

Dear Ivy...

You are all grown up.  Kindergarten is a big deal but you are doing it effortlessly.  Today {the second day of school}  you went to the bus stop ahead of me and when I tried to cross the street you said Mom, you don't need to come, I don't need you.  I just chuckled when the other mom's said that would break their heart.  I laughed because I know that while you may not need me at the bus stop, that bravery flies out the window in your own home and you can't go in to the bathroom or even your own room by yourself. Especially if its dark.  It has driven me crazy all summer but now I will take the time to turn on the light in the bathroom for you.  Because you aren't going to need me for that very much longer either.  Ivy you are a strong girl with smart ideas and a beautiful smile.  Watching you go away from me on the bus I realized that I need you probably more than you need me.  You have made me the luckiest girl and I love you.  

But do you think you could stay little for just a while longer?  



  1. too precious!! doesn't need you to walk her any more huh? AWWWWWW... don't worry... she'll still NEED you for everything else!

  2. Perfection, as always!


I la la love hearing from you!


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