Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Asian Insprired Birthday Party

My friend Lindsay is amazing.  And amazing friends deserve big parties.  

An Asian themed dinner party is what we decided on and I love how it all came together.  A trip to the craft store for paper to make lanterns for decorations determined our colors would be turquoise and orange.  I love how the reversible colors show through on the lanterns.  The turquoise fringe was so pretty fluttering in the breeze. The fringe was made from plastic tablecloths.  {tutorial coming soon}  I know who would have thought.  Plastic!  Hmmmph.

Fresh cut flowers and confetti decorated the tables.  For the confetti I cut up a few different colors of tissue paper in to squares and we spread it on white tablecloths.  The same breeze making the garlands flutter, scattered a lot of our confetti but it just added to the party atmosphere.  Also on the table were  vellum chinese take out boxes with tea lights in them for a little bit of ...mood.  {I said that with a voice like Sebastian from the Little Mermaid}

I dip dyed coffee filters {tutorial coming soon} for the other garlands.  I love how they look like fans.  I also had some japanese lanterns from a different event that I got at Ikea to hang above the center of the tables.  

We had the party in our friends backyard. Isn't it gorgeous?!  The light is so amazing.   Thanks Mel for sharing such a perfect location! For dinner we served lettuce wraps, rice, and different chicken dishes to go with it.   I'm so grateful for party planning friends who like to feed people and took care of the food.  It was delicious!

Of course every party needs balloons.  Geronimo balloons are so fun and just make it that much more special.  I ordered mine from Balloon Bargains and got a 6 pack for $18 after shipping.   

The hit of the party had to be The Cake made by Mandy.  It was a Salted Caramel Six Layer Chocolate Cake.  Umm. to. die. for.  That's all I can say. If you want to wow em go for this cake.  I wish I had a better picture of it, but even that couldn't show you the fabulousness of it, and all the other desserts we had there.  

 Everything came together so perfect.  We even pulled off the surprise, which can be so hard to do.  Sometimes its hard to know if its really going to turn out like you hope and this was what I imagined and so much better!

Happy Birthday Lindsay!  Thanks for being such a swell gal so we could throw you a party!



  1. I loved the whole thing, from top to bottom. Thanks for going above and beyond (as usual) and making it such a magical night. I know Lindsay loved it!

  2. Hi, I also loved the party and would like to know how you made the fringe. I'm doing an asian themed grad/18th bday party for my daughter.

    Thanks, Heidi


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