Thursday, September 6, 2012

Its GO time! Plus a little motivation

Ok team.  Today's the day!  I hope you are ready cuz it's time to

On the way home from physical therapy this morning I turned on my jam.  The song that gets me absolutely pumped.  When I was running and this song came on my split was a minute faster.  I pushed it back far enough in my playlist so that I had to keep going if I wanted to hear it.  

Yep, there is something I love about Eminem that gets me pumped up and ready to rock.  So whether its Eminem or Carly Rae Jeppson.  Pump up your jam and get to it!  

I wanted to talk a little bit about motivation and what is going to keep you going through this challenge.  Cuz sugar withdrawl is no joke.  And you are going to want to eat those cute fall colored M&M's instead of pushing yourself while listening to Eminem.  This challenge is going to be hard mentally and we are going to have to be tough.

Find something to motivate you.  From experience I think it needs to be more than just wanting to losing 3 pounds.  That is not going to give you willpower.    That is why I built "reward yourself with something awesome" in to the challenge.  An end goal can keep you going.  You are going to deserve something for sticking to your guns! I don't care if its big or little.  My only suggestion is don't reward yourself with food!  I think I'm going to get a pedicure.  Its something I always want but can never get myself to spend the money on.   Something that you wouldn't normally justify is a great idea. 
And it most definitely does not have to be something you spend money on.

To discover that the person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are.  I love that.

Here are some sources of knowledge and inspiration if you need a little pick me up when the going gets tough...

Pinterest.  You can follow my MOVE board on pinterest or any others that you find.  I like to scroll through the health and fitness section {thats where I got all these great quotes.}  There are a lot of great Tumblr's out there too.

Follow athletes/companies/websites on facebook and twitter.  They will show up in your feeds with great advice, workouts, challenges and inspiration.  A few of my favorites are SHAPE magazine, The Greatist,  NikeWomen, NikeRunning, and Women's Health magazine.

Have a more long term goal.  Find a race, and figure out how to make it happen.   Make a fitness bucket list and post it on your fridge or the door to your pantry.  It will be a visual reminder of what you want to accomplish and maybe steer you away from that snack you were in search of.  I've got my Glow Run number stuck up on my bathroom wall to help motivate me in the morning.

So now you have your source of motivation.  Your goal is to be healthier in 24 days.  I'm excited to hear about how it goes.  I'm your biggest cheerleader, right here.  If you need an extra fist bump let me know.  I'll be posting more inspiration and fitness stuff as we get going.  I could go on and on with information and things to help you so just ask here or on my facebook page and I'll help you out!

 In the meantime I'll just be over here.  With my headache, and cravings, waiting for them to pass ;)

PS.  I rocked it today.  I hope you did too!  


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  1. Such great stuff. Thanks Jenn! You're making this so much easier for us!


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