Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life Lately

Lately I have been dying from the worst cold ever.  Even getting my hair did didn't keep it away.  

This little lady and I have been getting along marvelously.  Afternoon kindergarten definitely agrees with us.  We have time to make cookies, do homework and read a thousand books before she is even off to school.  Yesterday she told me she wished I was her teacher so she wouldn't have to miss me while she was at school.  My heart grew three sizes.  

Wednesday is the new date night for my boyfriend and me.  Ivy has ballet on Wednesday nights and there is nowhere to sit and watch or anything.  Lucky though its right by Greenies.  So I drop off my little ballerina and then head off for some one on one time with Darin.  Our date of choice is bike riding along the river while catching up and reconnecting during our busy weeks.  I'm loving Wednesdays a lot.  

"The greatest good we do is for each other. "

>>  Mother Theresa  <<

I've been trying to do more good and it feels so good.  

Hope you are having a good week!


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