Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gingerbread Houses

Ivy counts down the days for lots of things and gingerbread houses is one of them.  We have bought kits in the past but this year we decided to make our own from scratch.  Lets just say there are pros to buying the kit.  BUT it was fun and we all pitched in to make it our very own.  Darin cut out templates for us and we all had to hold it in place while the frosting firmed up enough to stay.

This little guy kept trying to get us to give him candy.   Sorry buddy, just because you have teeth does not mean you can eat candy canes.  That smile won't change my mind either. ;)

The very hardest part for me is letting Ivy decorate it.  But after 6 years I am getting the hang of it.  Its not a magazine worthy gingerbread house by any means but really I couldn't have made one perfectly either.   Sometimes I feel like I give up on doing things because its not going to be done just right.  That it isn't how I pictured it would go or some silly thing like that.  I'm learning from my family that creating memories with them is doing it perfectly.  That a six year old's version of a gingerbread house, is awesome.  Or that the majority of the ornaments on the tree hanging from the bottom branches is just how it should be.  Because we did it together, and that is the best way to do things.  



  1. Amen. Perfection is realitive.

  2. Looks great to me. Great tradition to start! When my kids were in 4th grade, their teacher took a day, and they all made them together. They LOVED it.


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