Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paper Doll Dress

I think its unanimous that Ashley of Lil Blue Boo is fabulous.  Her artistic ability is ridiculous.  But in a good way that rubs off on anyone that follows what she does.  She even got me to buy one of her new patterns with the promise of showing an easy way to do button holes without a buttonhole foot.  The directions for my sewing machine are translated into english by someone who doesn't speak it I think. So the thought of figuring it out has made me put buttons off too long.  Anyways.  I got the new Paper Doll Pattern and had fun matching up some homespun at the store.  I can't decide if I want to add the pockets yet, guess I'll have to make another one and compare!  The only thing I did different from the pattern was cut it two inches longer since Ivy has got such long legs.  It is very similar to the sundress tutorial on Lil Blue Boo that I used to make a bunch of dresses this summer. But I heart the criss cross straps on this one and the homespun twist is perfect for fall!  And just so you know running to get her Dad is what makes Ivy that happy.  Thanks Darin for the photo shoot!  


  1. So Cute! I wanna make one too!

  2. I saw this link on my sidebar and clicked on it and was so surprised! I love the dress! Thank you so much for linking back to my site too ;) I LOVE the plaids you used! The best part I think is finding ones that DON'T match and then making them coordinate! I'd love it if you would upload to my flickr if you get a chance and link back to your site!


  3. AMAZING work!! The dress is beautiful, and so are the pictures!

  4. H Jenn! I was hoping I could use the photo on my blog this morning. Just let me know!


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