Friday, October 23, 2009

Birthday Wish List

I only have one week left of being in my 20's. Surprisingly I'm not sad about it. I only have one regret about leaving the last decade behind. I really wish that we had been able to have more kids BUT I'm so grateful to have Ivy around to keep me plenty occupied. Enough of that though.  My sister asked me what I want for my birthday so here's my wish list...

These fingerless gloves from etsy.  I would add a crochet flower too. 
Or I also like

 I would also like, a 20 inch and a 16 inch pillow form. 

But what I would really like is two more hours in the day.  Preferably sandwiched in between 8 and 10 pm.

I could also use some elves that came and cleaned my house while I sleep at night.  I could just borrow the shoemakers elves.  And if they wanted to make me some shoes every night while they were at it I wouldn't complain. 

And lastly I would take $100 for every year I've been alive. 

That's not asking for too much is it? 

EDIT!!  I also really love the acorn and oak bowls from Williams-Sonoma.

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  1. Do elves exist? If so I want them too!!

    Did you see They used Ivy's photo as the main photo for the Paper Doll Dress!!! Thank you so much for letting me submit it! So cute!


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