Monday, October 12, 2009

Upcycling- Onesie and tanktop equal New Dress!

I got this for Ivy in the spring.  I think about 3 weeks later she grew an inch and it was too short.    So its been hanging around waiting to be used.

My sister in law just had her last baby and gave me back my maternity clothes, plus some of hers.  This tank top was in there.  When I saw it I knew it was time to use that onesie.

So I cut the bottom of the tank top off and cut the onesie about where I thought an empire waist would be on Ivy.  ( I added an inch for good measure and seam allowances.)  The tank top was a maternity shirt so the front was longer then the back.  I made sure that the bottom was even and the cut the extra off so the front and back were straight across at the top.

Then I gathered the top by setting my sewing machine to a long stitch.  Luckily my machine just kind of gathers the material on its own when I do this.  Make sure that the width is as wide as the bottom of the onesie.

With right sides together pin your skirt and onesie together.  Use a lot of pins because gathers tend to move a lot.  Make sure to match up your side seams.

Next machine stitch it together and finish your edges with either a serger or a zig zag stitch.

Turn right side out press and you are done!

I used that extra strip of fabric to make a rosette and stitched it to the shirt.  They are so cute I couldn't help it.

This was SO easy.  I think it took 1/2 hour to do (not including the rosette.)

THEN... I took the bottom of the onesie and made a diaper cover.


Finish the top edge of the bottom half and fold down about an inch(or more or less depending on the width of your elastic).  Stitch all the way around, but leave a 1-2 inch opening to insert your elastic.

Cut your elastic the length of the waist measurement.  Feed through the casing and stitch the ends of the elastic together (overlapping about an inch) with a zig zag stitch.

Sew up the opening and topstitch around the very top of the casing.   Now you have a diaper cover to match.!


  1. OH WOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was just saying that i need to go thru my daughters (8 months) clothes and i am going to have to find a onesie to do this...
    tks for a great idea!

  2. The diaper cover was a stroke of genius. Nice job at using so much of your materials!


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