Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bags for Laney

Just a quick post to document that I've made something in the last week!  My sister in law had me make her a couple of purses.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of the first one and I took crappy pictures of the second one.  The first one I just made up as I went and it was super cute.  This one I used the Flouncy bag pattern from One Yard Wonders.  It is a black linen with a white and black polka dot lining.  The photos in the book (and my photo) make it seem bigger than it looks, but its a great bag.
 It was a little plain so I made this super cute butterfly pin to go on it.  I saw the tutorial last week on Blessed Lttle Nest during her Blogger's Guide to Summer and just knew that I was going to make my own. 
Blessed Little Nest is a new fave of mine, so you should go check out her Guide to Summer and all of the cute things she has going on. 


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