Thursday, June 17, 2010


I LOVE perfectly toasted marshmallows.  I have even been known to toast them inside over the burner.  I seriously consider throwing them in the fire if they get scorched though.
I could actually do without the whole s'more part of it.  I'm content to just eat all of those golden brown marshmallows. 
I got some chalkboard vinyl this last week and here's my first project with it!
  My sister in law LoLo had her birthday and she shares my love of that tasty campfire treat so I whipped up a basket for her new backyard and firepit.  I got the bucket at Target and put in all the makings for S'mores.  I also threw in a couple boxes of chalk so that she can always change it with the contents of her cute bucket! 
image via country living

Aren't there too many great parts about summer?!.  My other sister in law has roasting marshmallows down to a science where she toast it, then eats the outside, toasts it again and then eats it.  So tell me, do you like your marshmallows golden brown or burnt to a crisp?!  Any other favorite toasty treats?  I have been wanting to try the starburst thing but haven't ever done it.  I think I better go check our marshmallow stock!



  1. very creative gift jenn. my ideal marshmellow for smores wouldn't be sizzled black but when i'm camping i'm hungry and i'll take what i can get. when i'm not camping i stick a marshmellow on a grahm cracker in the micro for a few seconds. then take it out and put the chocolate and top grahm on. yum-yum.

  2. I mostly love smores for the chocolate! I like mine just slightly golden brown. I wonder how the coconut covered marshmallows would taste. Ok, now I'm in the mood for some camping.

  3. AnonymousJune 18, 2010

    Winco has some strawberry flavored marshmallows, also a chocolate vanilla swirl one.....wonder how those would taste. Happy roasting.

  4. Winco has strawberry flavored marshmallows and chocolate vanilla swirls ones. Wonder how those would be. Happy toasting and happy reunion.

  5. Seems like I must hit the wrong button some times.

  6. We talked about this briefly at Relay for Life last weekend, I'm all about using Reese's PB cups for the chocolate...yummy. I love them golden brown, but not burnt. And I have used the coconut marshmallows several times, also yummy. ;) I love the basket btw, so fun. I'd go crazy with that chalkboard vinyl, oh my!


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