Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go Local!

Last week I stumbled on a fabulous website called The 3/50 Project.  It is a website dedicated to promoting independent retailers and restaurants.  Of course this kind of thing directly affects {or effects, not really sure, its early!}me, being a local business myself, but it is such a great cause so I want to help spread the word.
The goal of The 3/50 Project is to get you to think about supporting your community.  Here's what you do.  Every month spend $50 at your favorite local shops.  Not $50 at each one.  But $50 during the month.  Easy peasy right?!  Their website will tell you all the reasons why this would be so awesome if everyone did that. 
Like... if half of the employed population did what I just mentioned, it would generate over 42 BILLION in revenue.  And that for every dollar you spend locally 68% of it returns to your community.  But if you buy it online.  NONE of it does.  Crazy huh. 
So head to the Farmer's Market this weekend, or eat at your favorite little restaurant for me.   Grab their button (mines on my sidebar) and help out this awesome cause.  I'm not the only one who would appreciate it!

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  1. Yeah, I think I spent my $50 dollars a few times over at your store in one month-boy was it the best buy EVER!! Now my girls are ready to spend a few more of my $50 at your store as well. Too bad I'm not fully LOADED!


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